Monday, December 01, 2008

Nokia N96

What's nice to hold, stylish to have, packed with functions and premium content? Yes you got it right! The all new 5in1 mobile phone is here by Nokia. Bringing you a new member to the N series family - the N96. 

Recently i got my hands on the latest addition to the N-Series family! the N96, and here's a short simple look at the multimedia computer! 

The Short & Sweet - Simple Review:

Nokia's latest is not just a mobile phone, it's a multimedia computer which has an MP3 player, Movie Player, Gaming console, Web-enabled, GPS and much more. Oh yeah, not forgetting it can also be your external hard drive with its onboard 16GB mass storage space. 

When you're on the move, storage is out of the question for the N96. With up to 24GB (16 internal + 8 on optional microSD) of memory for music, pictures, videos and more. Talking about its size, well it's compact and lightweight too! 

Nowadays, the needs to have photos that you have taken at your fingertips and showing it to your friends is an added advantage when you're out with your friends! So why not, show them your photos on your phone! Not forgetting if you're bored - you can always watch videos which are of DVD-quality. 


The N96 features a boastful 5 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics with LED flash for high quality images. Yes, i tried it myself! Will share it with you guys in a bit! The photos taken with the N96. 

If you ever got lost! Or just simply want to discover new places to drop by... there's GPS on the N96 with A-GPS (Assisted GPS). 

For music lovers, there's a 3.5mm headset connector onboard and you can enjoy music with dedicated keys for non-stop music enjoyment.

Some Detailed Stuffs:

Superb phone! Nokia recently came out with the N95 Version 2 with 8GB on board memory, that was the BEST phone ever with great capabilities! But this N96 - is far much better. Once you got your hands on it, you'll be hooked! 

Why i like it so much is because it's screen is just so amazing! Imagine you watching The Love Guru on the screen, it's of DVD quality and the size of the screen is awesome! Going at 2.8inch, 16 million colours QVGA display. That's big enough for you to have a clear view on what you're watching here! 

Here i'd like to share an in-depth on the kind of music the N96 can play! Well being a person who simply LOVES music and being on air announcing! Well i love listening to songs and this piece of art here supports MP3, AAC, eAAC, eAAC+ and not to forget WMA. 

NGage games - well that's another story to talk about the NSeries phones by Nokia. Asphalt, Star Wars THE FORCE are something that i look forward to try out! It's simply different than your previous experience playing games. Definitely far much better! 

Well all in all - i just have to say that i simply love the N96 as it replaces all your other gadgets and put it all into one simple multimedia computer boxed in to look like a phone, the Nokia N96. 

Imagine this, not having to carry your other gadgets with you saves space and time too. Imagine having to carry 5 gadgets with you wherever you go. And lugging your digital camera along with you that's nasty. Well i tried that, it wasn't something that i looked forward to - so yeah i am happy to use the N96 camera (seriously, me being a photographer... i don't mind and am happy with the results). 

Next update on the N96, 
will feature the rest of the features in a more in-depth detail for this new member of the N.Series family!



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