Monday, November 03, 2008

Grand Premiere (Press Screening) of 007, Quantum of Solace...

Last FRIDAY 31st October 2008 - Jon & I went to watch the Special Press Screening Grand Premier of Quantum of Solace 007. It was grand, there were loads of people... as usual no cameras, no phones allowed.

Not going to spill too much to y'all before you watch the premier of 007 this week... but i can just say this it's GOOD, it's GREAT, it's worth the wait! But perhaps there's too much of killing, too much of action, not enough the usual stuffs that u see on a 007 movie. Less chatter and more actions! So it really depends on what you expect of this movie! So for movie buffs like me, i actually need a balance of both! But since this film is all about the continuation of the previous one which was Casino Royale... don't expect too much of chatter from Daniel Craig! - he's extremely mad and in LOVE!

A full review on the film with great pictures will only be released tomorrow - so catch you back at here!

*EXCLUSIVE PICS!!! - Let's wait for wat Jon Ming has to say about the movie lahh... So don't miss out on this opportunity to see never seen before pictures from the trailers!

What can be more romantic than having dinner with your loved one?

The answer is simple... do something good for the environment! That was what i did yesterday (Sunday) at ASWARA (Padang Merbok KL). It was the 2nd day for the Eco Film Fest 2008 where everything was all about saving the environment, ways to help passing on messages to our friends on saving the planet and plant more trees!

Yes, everything there yesterday was ECO FRIENDLY! There was even a car which had a hybrid engine! Now that's awesome... The day went on and on with performances by local bands such as Reza Salleh, Mia Palencia, One Buck Short, Peter Hassan and Markisa and many more...

Old friends came down to the event too! Met up with Nana, Sufian and there was this Prize Giving Presentation that was attended by the Deputy Minister. And I was offered the chance to give the award to one of the winners of the film directors on this day. Audrey who won 3 awards in a row... really deserved this moment in her life!

Ok let's all look at some cool photos of the day!!!

This was way too early in the day... so not that many peeps yet! But later on.. wahhh so many worr!

Bands will perform... YOU ougghta be here!

Shac and Wati - Ok ok we are getting ready to do our on ground cross overs yO!

Nana - my fellow colleague from Xfresh back in 2002 :P

Okay... i gotta say the food here is AWESOME! :P

Prize award giving ceremony on stage...

Ohhh that's me giving away an award on stage!

My Colleagues, Shaz, RD, Mahesh and Iza!

Old friend, my collegemate @ LimKokWing - Sufian yO!

Press Conference with all the members of the media and VIP's.

Mahesh of the Cruisers is giving away freebiesss!! Cruisers - XFM Cross over was in the afternoon!


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