Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inconjunction with Malaysia Environmental Week 2008, we at XFM and are joining teams to collect as much as recyclable items as possible from YOU at our cross-over locations throughout the last 2 weeks. After that, what happened is we will sell the recycled items for cash and in return use the money to purchase trees to make our place, a greener world to live in!

Do your part in this environment that we live in! You can make a difference. Really... it takes one to start something, the rest will follow real soon! And so we did... collected old newspapers, cardboards and all.

Tuesday (28th October 2008), I went to the Recycle center @ Jalan Tandang Petaling Jaya (which is in the industrial area in PJ). Together with the XFM StreetSurfers and Cruisers, we deposited some of the recyclables and got about RM 165 around there. we can use the money to buy TREES!!!
Do your bit for the environment! Start now... and oh yea... don't forget to checkout the pics and video below from the trip to the recycle center!

Check the video out! I'm featured on this video for both the website and XFM!

Recycle Center @ Jalan Tandang PJ

An NTPM truck buying back some recyclables to bring back to its factory to recycle and use back to produce new products.

That's me with the load of recyclable items in the street surfers vehicle!

Do your bit for the environment lahh... instead of throwing it all into the bin! Recycle :-)

After weighing the cars before and after depositing the items... we are able to find out how much of it is the recyclable items worth.

They even have a truck to move the papers around. Making their job faster and time efficient.

Let's help in getting these stuffs out yOZ!

Look at that, the amount of materials made with paper here! Tremendous amount... you know if we could try to reduce or stop using paper! It would really help the environment!

Shaz & Haniff - signing off from the recycle center! We've done our part for the environment, when is yours?

Wanna know where is the exact location of this recycle center and how to send your items for recycling. Don't know how to... just email me


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