Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I was off for a week...

I was trying to be myself, and perhaps a little bit more than myself! Of course - i was on holiday for a week last week and my friends from England came down to KL for a visit! Cuti-cuti Malaysia... Yezzzaa!!! But sometimes, i just feel like being a kid again! So here's the pics of me being me and with my friends! Check it out...

By the way - my friends Carly and Miriam from England came down to KL, so Xian Jin and I went around to bring them for a tour of Kuala Lumpur - by day and night with true Malaysian Foods giving them real Malaysian Hospitality.

Look at that, the kid was looking at me trying to be a kid again! Mwhahaha..

Joey, wearing the Xfresh-a-holic t-shirt eating Chicken Chop @ Damansara Uptown..sedap!!!

My friends... Kuok, Adrian, Me, Joey and KJ!

Group Photo - after having Roti Tisu @ SS2 Kayu Nasi Kandar... Kylie, Michy, Chris, Carly, Miriam, XJ, Me and Nick!

Miriam, Carly, XJ and Me on the KLCC Twin Towers Skybridge!

Carly, Miriam, XJ and Nick - eating ROTI TISU! The biggest in Malaysia...

It was lunch time - the girls wanted to try Banana Leaf rice!

Oops, almost forgotten this pic! XJ Tryin to be COOL!

A superb view from Level 41 of the Skybridge!

Petronas Skybridge...bridging the gap between the two worlds!

Oh yea, the show @ KLPac - 8 Ways To Lighten The Schoolbag did a superb job! Thx Kelvin for the show!

The cast members from 8 Ways To Lighten The Schoolbag! Awesome show guys! Y'all RAWKS!


At 3:53 PM, Blogger joshuachay said...

Eh, you look like a young Jalaluddin Hassan in your first picture! hahaha..

At 3:53 PM, Blogger joshuachay said...

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