Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Daughtry LIVE in KL (Part 2)

(Blog Update For July 2008)

Alright...this is part 2 of my Daughtry LIVE in KL Concert @ 1Utama - Yes, i know it was a long wait, but considering the fact that i haven't finished posting up my Singapore trip photos and oh yea Bangkok & Bandong trip! AHwahah... this is not as long as those!

Let's RE-CAP, was there with 25 friends! Well we were all separated la cause i couldnt get all VIP passes, so most were in the crowd! 25 free tickets to DAUGHTRY LIVE in KL in conjunction with my 25th B'day this year! Thanks to Sony Ericsson and participating sponsors for the tickets yO!

This is just a short update, next update will be about a whole lot more things! Stay tuned :-)
PS: All pictures are unedited and are presented as taken.



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