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OMG - I'm on the newspaper!!!

(Blog Update For 23rd August 2008)

Ever since June 2006, i've been appearing on newspapers for various different matters... it started out with getting the Best in PR award @ Curtin University of Technology (LUCCT), and becoming an announcer (radio) on Xfresh FM.

From time to time i'm on magazines and newspapers for quotes for movie premieres, and social life comments on The Sun and various other media. And it went on appearing on The Star for a few other stuffs...

March 2008, one morning - i was waken up by all the SMS that i've been getting on my phone and phone calls! Friends and family members calling me and says "Hey Shaz i see YOU in Bangsar / MidValley / Damansara / The STAR / MalayMail / Sin Chew Jit Poh / Guang Ming Daily and etc..." Although i love my sleep but really thank you guys for letting me know that i'm on the banners and on the newspaper. I didn't know that it was going to go up so soon! It was for this SVENSON Hair Care outlet advert, haha i go there to cut my hair and make sure that everything is all right!

Throughout several and there friends have been keeping me up to date about where my banners have been like the Monorail stations in KL, pillars and all...OMG la! Anyways...

Today my friends and family members woke me up to let me know that i'm on TheSTAR! Wah lao eh... Yes, a very good friend of mine Nicole Tan (of TheSTAR and Blogger) interviewed me several weeks ago and was interested in the life of a Radio Announcer / Blogger. And since i'm maintaining 2 blogs for the current moment and my life is as hectic but as happening as ever she was interested in sharing about my life with others. And here goes the story... (Thanks Nicole for the article and for being a great friend!).

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With Fabulous Pictures Taken By Me


XFresh FM DJ Shaz Mukhtar
has a passion for going online


I AM driving. It is pouring heavily and my speedometer tells me that I am not going any faster than 10km per hour. It is 5.30pm on a Wednesday and I am stuck in a jam with two million other people on the roads in the Klang Valley and will probably be stuck here for another hour or so. Brilliant.

I turn on the radio, like every other driver around me is probably doing, to seek some entertainment to distract me from this traffic misery. A booming voice speaking immaculate English comes through the speakers, and I instantly recognise it.

Muhd Shazli Md Mukhtar, better known as Shaz Mukhtar, works from Monday to Friday every week, for only four hours daily, from 4pm to 8pm. And, guess what? His main job is, believe it or not, to talk!

Well, actually that is not entirely true.

Shaz, 25, also gets to meet different artistes every day for the interviews he carries out on the show; attends press conferences, product launches and concerts, and is invited to official launches of restaurants and movie premieres. Sounds like a dream job? Well, it certainly is for this XFresh FM radio announcer.

“It’s not so much about the lifestyle but the things that you get to do and experience by doing these things. It’s like one of those lifetime experiences,” Shaz said.

Tall, dark and handsome, Shaz delivers an articulate speech, especially in English. He was born in the United States and raised in France (yes, he speaks French, too), where he lived and studied for six years before returning to Malaysia to continue his degree course in Film Television & Broadcasting/PR at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in Cyber-jaya.

Like most people in his line, Shaz loves his job. He started working as a DJ in January 2006 but has been with the company since 2001, working behind the scene, save for a one-year break in between.

On how he landed his dream job, Shaz said: “We all have to start somewhere and move up the ladder, and that’s what I’ve been doing the past years — gaining valuable experience in various departments in the workplace.”

Yum!: Shaz enjoying his meal at his favourite restaurant, YO!sushi

Named “Chronicles of a Frenchie”, Shaz’s blog ( documents many of his food entries, travel trips and his personal life. That means you will also get to read about the events he attends and the perks of being a radio announcer.

“I’ve been blogging since 2003, but I stopped for a year or two, then resumed it in 2005 and have continued till the present. I started off blogging with Blogspot and Xfresh’s online website blog system. I wanted something, somewhere I could put up photos of places I went with my friends, a platform where I could inform and keep my friends up to date with the events and happenings in my life,” Shaz said.

However, Shaz believes in keeping a blog personal and that the best way to market one’s blog is through word of mouth.

“One thing I don’t do is promote my blog by asking people to link me or any other means. A blog is a personal thing, but in my case, it’s not that personal any more ... even my clients read my blog!” Shaz admitted.

Despite working in the entertainment industry, he values the times he hangs out with his friends at mamak or coffee shops.

In his free time, Shaz has a passion for going online. From surfing the net, facebook-ing, chatting to playing online games, this DJ is a true born and bred Generation V – Internet generation.

Pop by his blog and get a taste of glam. You never know, it might just be your next step to fame.

**Thanks Nicole!!! By the way next update, be prepared for Starbucks Coffee Bowling Party, Movie Premieres / Special Screenings Updates, Macro Photography trip with friends to Bukit Cahaya - Shah Alam, Melaka Trip for FOOD, Bangkok Trip, Singapore Trip and not forgetting all my Birthday Celebration pics!





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