Thursday, August 21, 2008

LACOSTE: Essential*

*Celebrating Sport Elegance for 75 Years!

Just recently, i went to collect this brand new collectors edition of LaCoste "Essential" fragrance! Well that's one of my hobbies actually. Trying out new fragrance every month or so!

This time around, well it was my birthday and the best part of it all is LaCoste is celebrating its 75th year anniversary and came out with a Collectors Edition to their "Essential" - LaCoste fragrance. And this was my birthday present to me from the nice people @ LaCoste.

Being the person who i am, i won't buy a new fragrance just because i want to, but if only it suits me and it satisfies me to the max. Very picky i know, but LaCoste's Essential was my choice for this month of July 2008. Happy Birthday Shaz!!! (that's me...oh!).

Essential is one of LaCoste's classic fragrance that not only depicts a men but also his lifestyle. You can smell that classic and elegant feeling once you have it on you or even smell it as a person who sprayed it on them and passes by.

LaCoste essential has a fresh feel to it, yet but the classic feeling too. From other reviews i've read regarding the "Essential", I've been inspired by their comment on the essential having a "citrus" kind of smell. There are many kinds of fragrances out there, it really depends which type you like but the most common type is the citrus and sweet smell.

The one thing that's sure to strike you at first application of the fragrance on your skin is a burst of intense green freshness - yes, and i mean it! The composition of the fragrance has this feel of "Tomato Leaves" and not forgetting "Citrus" - fruit and water as well.

Awww, so sweet! Yes i'm feeling the sweetness in me right now after applying the perfume but let's not also forget the other feel of the fragrance where it has this Black Pepper feel to it giving it a spicy, intriguing sweetness. Different than any of my other fragrances but it's a challenge for me to try the Essential by LaCoste.

What's so GREAT about this fragrance is its innovative patented "Time Release Technology" in which LaCoste Essential benefits from as you are able to "re-animate" the scent (because sometimes you may feel that the fresh notes fades off too quickly. So the next best thing is this Time Release Technology where you can simply re-animate the scent by breathing on the skin, making the scent be on you and makes you feel and smell great for a longer period of time than a conventional fragrance.

Alright, it's your turn to get a glimpse and purchase the limited edition 75th Years of Sport and Elegance "LaCoste - Essential" which is only available from 15th July onwards till stock is finished. So, better get it before its too late. I have to admit the bottle does look nice with curves that's far different from any of my other fragrances here at home.

P/S: I brought the fragrance over to the office right after i received it, Faraa our Content Editor @ XFM LUVES the smell! Hahaha, now i'm no longer known as the person who just loves to eat, but who loves to explore more on fragrances, gadgets and other stuffs! Long live my diet diet...yes it's about time!


At 10:26 PM, Blogger curryegg said...

Get new perfume every month? Haha.. What a lucky boy.. ;D

Btw, how is the smell for this? Nice?


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