Monday, September 15, 2008

LEVI's 501: I'm a musician contest!

Have you ever though of wearing your jeans "unbuttoned" and it still won't leave your waistline? Awesome innit? Well Levi's 501 gives you that extra edgy feeling when you're wearing one and that's not all this brand has to offer! With more than 150 years of jeanswear innovation and sold in over 110 countries - Levi's has resulted in coming up with a campaign called "Live Unbuttoned" and came up with a contest which will give the chance to local young talents of Malaysia to be heard and also be seen with some work of art.

On the night of the 23rd August 2008, Kenneth Lim Ken-Wae was announced as the winner to The Levi's 501 "I'm a Musician" competition at RUUMS KL, best of all is that he entirely composed the song that he sang for the competition by himself. Awesome right! Well this is where we have to support our local music industry, Way to go Kenneth!

If we don't support our own local music industry, who else will? That's why, XFM gives you 100% local music content, yes we support Malaysian from all walks of life - YOU have a song and a recording, we'll have a listen to it and help to push it on air. Currently International artists who are Malaysians and is on our charts are such as Che'nelle who is currently living in New York City, not forgetting Mike Chan from the band South Jordan in Boston (a Malaysian drummer who is studying in Boston). So if you or your band has a song, pass it on to us via e-mail / or just log on to our website at

This contest was opened from 16th June till 20th July 2008, it's a song-writing contest that welcomes entries from all Malaysians aged 17 years to 28 years old. Those who wants to participate in this contest had to send in their entries via mail with their original lyrics and melody on paper and CD. Then there was a short-listing of the candidates and then the WORKSHOP begins with music industry heavyweights! Then only they perform LIVE at the event at RUUMS KL where invited guests will vote for their favourite song.

Thus giving us the winner of this year's LEVI's 501 "I'm a musician contest" :

Winner Kenneth Lim Ken-Wae, 22
1st Runner up Faith Ding Pei Wei, 21,

2nd Runer up Ezra Mei-En Chua,17,
3rd Runner up
Leang Chan Nung (otherwise known as Ryo), 22.

Winner - goes back home with RM2000 cash, 1 x Levi's Voucher worth RM800, 1 x Levi's Watch, 1 Song with the song credits to be featured in Levi's compilation album and an advance music production course. The three runner-ups received RM800 in cash, a Levi's voucher worth RM300 and a Levi's Watch each.

Like any other reality TV Show (well this is a LIVE event), there's always votes coming in via SMS and there's also the judges. Judges for the night were none other than NOH (from HUJAN), Muna Noor (Editor Juice Magazine), lead singers from Deja Voodoo Spells - Rithan, not forgetting Frank Ong (Heaed of Performance at ICOM).

Celebrities filled the crowd in RUUMS KL on this night with HUJAN, Point Blanc, Aishah Sinclair, Awal Ashaari, Xandria Ooi, Yuri Wong, Jojo Struys, Nita and many others! Awesome we see the local artists supporting these young talents at work!

Now, i think YOU want to join in the FUN right! Well, let's wait for the next upcoming events by Levi's - perhaps they will come up with something as cool as this to let YOU out there show your talents! Stay tuned for more...

**Shaz: I want one of these jeans!!! Life rawksss!!**
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