Monday, October 20, 2008

A Week in My Life...

A week in my life - sometimes can be too much to handle!

I was invited to a few events this week where most of the events had either too much food to eat or too many photos to be taken of! Hahaha and not forgetting nice products to take a picture of and perhaps take home for a review.

Talking about reviews, soon you will see product reviews up here on my blog! Yes, SHAZ is Da'Gadget Boy! I simply love gadgets. From iPod's, MP3 players, computer hardware, external hard disks, advanced remote control and latest products in the line... you talk about it - i will have it here for you to read about!

So just hang on in there - will upload the reviews for you to read about real SOON!

PS: Project Knock @ The Apartments Downtown KLCC last night was da'BOMB! Organised by Taylors College Students PJ Campus to raise funds for Shelter Homes. All the best y'all!


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Grace W. said...

Our event was DA Bomb? Seriously? NO WAYYY!!! =) coool!! Okay, so far good comments from attendees...*skips*



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