Friday, November 21, 2008

Microsoft Hardware Experience

Microsoft has done it again year after year presenting all the newest and trendiest hardware for you to use at home, at work and even on the go. This year, the spotlight falls under its latest technology the "Microsoft Bluetrack Technology" mouse that enables you to use these mouse on almost any surface.

There's alot to showcase here - as i mentioned, The Bluetrack Technology is one of the greatest revelations by Microsoft this year. Expect more to come next year as more gaming products will be out for you to get yours hands on.

This time around, Microsoft released the following cool products for 2009:

1. Sidewinder X6 - A brand new keyboard with macro function keys to go with the latest version of Red Alert 3 (one of the most anticipated games of the year).

2. Microsoft LifeCam Show - A webcam that is trendy and goes with all that's black and cool video effects!

3. Microsoft Explorer Mouse & Explorer Mini Mouse - The one and only Bluetrack technology mouse that's able to be used on almost any surface.

4. Microsoft Arc Mouse - the 1st of its kind in the world, portable mouse with an arc shape with a flip, trendy and fashionable all in one.

For more info, checkout this space soon! As i will feature each product one by one for you!  

Ian of Microsoft - explaining about the generations of mouse we've had over the past 20 years!

The range of new products by Microsoft for 2009

Microsoft Malaysia & Asia Pacific together with product display.




This is the ever so famous Microsoft Bluetrack Explorer Mouse


The brand new design by Microsoft, The Arc Mouse.

Sidewinder Keyboard X6

Sidewinder X8, the latest gaming mouse coming out in 2009!

Truly fashionable Arc Mouse...

Yes, it's not just all about the looks but the quality, durability and ease of use!

I wished i had a new mouse at home!

Microsoft Arc Mouse is designed for comfort, it folds for portability - what else do you need?

More pics and updates coming up real soon! 



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