Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween @ the Curve...

Last week i was just at the Curve for lunch with Kylie and Isaac. It was actually to celebrate Isaac's belated birthday celebration! Wheee.. the dude is OLDER by a year now!

Anyways, it was kind of a belated birthday celebration for me too for Kylie to celebrate! And yes i got my birthday present! Whee... talking about birthday presents, i just got mine from Daryll today! Thx Bro! :)

Anyhow... there was this Halloween Costume Party that's going on @ OUTPOST on Halloween Night! So there was a showcase of characters parading the concourse level of Cineleisure on this day! They were awesome... Jedi Knights, Hell Boy, Incredible Hulk, Red Alert 3 Girl, Freddy Krueger, Commander Chaos and many more...

This month is going to be a PACKED month for me! - Invited to a whole lot of movie premiers, already had Quantum of Solace 007 grand premier screening last friday, Madagascar 2 last wednesday!!! - Coming up Microsoft events, Sony Ericsson and many more! - Oh not forgetting KLIA, more maiden flights coming up!

Been working the past few weekends... was hoping to get some rest on weekends but oh well need to go on air, events and the next few weekends i have these lined up.

This weekend, i'm invited to The Lost World of Tambun @ Ipoh for an all expense paid trip there with my friends. Next weekend got invited for another all expense paid trip to Awana Kijal Terengganu, - checkout the city and the town! The week after that is another trip to The Lost World of Tambun again! OMG... IPOH people are LOVIN' me! :P

Anyways, enjoy the photos peeps! Hear from y'all soon k...

That's me with my belated birthday present from Kylie!

Bubba Gump @ the Curve (Appetizers...)

Kylie MC with my bday present!

Awww.. aren't they so sweeettt together!

Song Performances @ The Curve...

Rockerrrr bro!!! - rawwkkk onn...

Ernie and Me... we've been friends ever since the first few steps of, now he's 20 yrs old and Mr. KL and Selangor! Whoaa.. dun mess with him.

Incredible HULK yo!!!

Commander Chaos, HULK, Red Alert 3 Girl.

HULK - painted in GREEN!!! Dun eat the paint k :P

More pictures of Halloween coming up soon from Starbucks Coffee...


At 12:34 PM, Blogger Jie Juan/Static Spike said...

Dude, you sure your friend is 20 years old? Dude got lot of muscle for his age :S


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