Monday, March 03, 2008

What kept me busy for 3 whole weeks!!!

(Blog Update to randomly show you what happened...)

Over the past few weeks i've been really busy with the organising of this particular event at ASTRO. So yea... now i'm done with that can slowly update my blog again with a whole lot of NEW FUN STUFFS!!!

Makan dulu...kejap lagi bayar actually means... well juz look at the pics on my blog update first, later i write more about the pics la... for now!!!

Ishh... ok go look at the pics below!

Silent Scream, Caprice, Me, Hunny Madhu & Shac...

This was the shot taken in my studio (Studio 10), ON AIR Studio... so now you know how it looks like in a radio studio!

Here's a pic of Ian and Sandra together with one of our radio announcers Burn (from Akademi Fantasia Season 1).

Haha... Sandra & Ian acting like the hosts for the awards night using this condenser mic which was setup for Ferhad's singing!

That's me and Ian...oops! I mean Tengku Ian :P

Ok, now you already know about what i did last friday of which it got me occupied for like 2 whole weeks! Now what was i up to the week b4 that! Jack's surprise 21st b'day celebration. Organised it and it happened at Italiannies The Gardens...

Full coverage & pictures of Jack's 21st birthday celebration will be posted up real soon! This pic was taken with Sook Lin and Cindy Chew!

Here's Jack trying to blow his 'birthday cake' - it was actually a creme brulee with a candle on top :)

Here's a picture with Jo-shua, Jack, Samuel, me and Xian Jin! All are quite enthusiastic when it comes to photography!

Ahhh last but not least a picture with my fellow colleagues from the MixFM RoadRunners and the Xfresh StreetSurfers!!!

More pics and updates coming up next! I had Japanese food last night, that will be up right after this!


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