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3 in 1 Post: Lunch, Late Lunch & Lunch Again...

(Blog Update for 5th Feb 2008)

Concert pics are coming up tonight (Friday 8th Feb 2008 - 0200 GMT + 8), in the United States that'd be Thursday 7th Feb - 2PM. Cheerios... i know y'all been waiting for it!

Life is all about FOOD, or is it that FOOD is all about LIFE? Mwhahahaha... This post is split into 2 where i'm going to tell you what happened yesterday over lunch and late lunch and lunch today!

Lunch w/ Cecilia, Christin, Kim, Bryan, Ken Nee...
Was at Kelana Jaya for lunch with some friends, we all met up at the office and ordered Dominos Pizza, BBQ Wings, and drinks for all to share! Pictures are below! Btw, it was a photo Kelana Jaya! Awesome place, great pics..

Late Lunch w/ Ken Seong
Next part of the blog update is about late lunch with Ken Seong at 1Utama's Carl's Jr where i gave him a box, it's a mystery on what's inside the box! So read on below... i will continue with the blog update later at the bottom for you to read more about this! I got a little something from Microsoft Malaysia, they're giving me...[read more down there..]

Lunch Again but this time w/ Jack
My working hours is weird... so yea, i had the opprtunity to have lunch with Jack today at Mama's Kitchen. We both spent RM4 each for lunch! Marmite chicken was goooood!!! Cornetto Sundae Chocolate was awesome!!!

We had all sorts of pizza flavors from Dominos Pizza... (L-R: Bryan, Christin, Me, Kim, Cecilia, Shayna).

It's a surprise...what's inside this box? Wahhh Ken so happy wei! Is it his Xmas present and B'day present?

Ok la... Ken's bday was last 13th November! Organised a small b'day celebration for 5 november babies back then! But still haven't given him his b'day present... might this be the present?

No la... it wasn't his present! What was inside the box was these 2 Microsoft Products, some of the latest products from Microsoft that can be purchased now. Want to know more about the products? (i'll put up some infos on the products at a later date...)

The Webcam goes up to 2 MegaPixel when using the webcam feature, but when used for still photos goes up to 7 MegaPixel and uses CCD Sensor.

Ok la... here's the part where Ken wished that these were his! Mwhah... take la, i don't mind! :P

My new Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000, awesome cam! Now retailing at about RM 269 - 300 if i am not mistaken!

The contents of the box, the webcam comes with its cable, installation CD and warranty information!

Its innovation brings great changes in our lives! Microsoft Webcam - 2MP (web), 7MP (still)...

Thanks to Microsoft for these products! Product review will be up soon, online, on air, and on publication! (Haha...find out what i'm up the publication line real soon!).

Ok, let's go to the eating part! Ken eating his Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger!

Weird face...funny face...hungry face? Hahaha... lunch was great with Marmite chicken! My first in malaysia...

Now back to my angels... this picture looks like as if it's from "Desperate Housewives"...

We had so much fun, laughing... chatting! And catching up! The last time we all met up was like last october!

Cecilia in Blue, my friend from Singapore...! T'was awesome catchin up with her! Hehehe... i come singapore find u K! :P - belanja me Ben&Jerry's!

Lunch was Pizza, pizza, and more pizza...10 pizza in total! for like 8 of us :P

Cecilia and Me... aiyo, i tell you! She must be using some superb shampoo!

Christin my saviour for Bella's Men Skin Center... mwahhaha!!! I wan free facial care can arr :)

Jessie is quite picky in what i wear...! But today she's all cool bout it :P - All in all it was an awesome early lunch! Then i headed off to client/sponsor's office to pick up some stuffs! Awesome day...


At 10:46 PM, Blogger Gzhang said...

Ooooh. The gadgets.... *drools*

Lucky you!

Btw, Patrick and I did Form 6 together. The blogosphere's preeeetty small XD


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