Thursday, January 31, 2008

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(Blog Update For My New Blog Header...)

Many of my friends been asking me who did the header for my blog, some asked if the designer for my blog header can do one for them, most of my friends and blog readers said (on/off line) that the logo reminds them of napster and it really reflects me, my job and my personality very well. With all that said, kudos to the designer* for this!
(* know who you are!!!)

I am currently thinking of revamping my blog with a whole new template, i need your input on what color should it be and all that. So some comments would be great!
Right now i am super happy with my current new header and the napster-look-a-like logo!!!
Below are some testimonies / tag board msg's / comment msg's / SMS's and verbal comments that i received from my those who visits my blog...
(thank you for continuing to read my blog, your comments are highly appreciated and improvements will be made)

31 Jan 08, 21:52 curryegg: haha... now you remember? Hehe... You've a nice blog here, honestly! And Great new header..

31 Jan 08, 20:23 jordan: omg i wan wide template lahh..see ur so nice. =D

31 Jan 08, 17:32 nErDyfRed: add some graphics besides it, would be great!

31 Jan 08, 17:31 nErDyfRed: Hey shaz the header is simple n cool! hehe..
31 Jan 08, 11:02 Cmate: Hey you.. your blog takes a long time to load, perhaps you can put lesser post on one page. Hehe! keep those photos coming.
31 Jan 08, 08:47 eugene: eeiks.. ur header macam logo napster wan? kekeke

30 Jan 08, 07:59 Sam: Shaz, nice banner and why nvr call me for this big event i was wondering when it was

28 Jan 08, 14:29 JackSQ: Hey shazzie, wow...nice new header! Reminds me of napster somehow. Hehe. Awesome picssss

29 Jan 08, 15:54 jomi: wow. nice header. hmm. yea i agree. it reminds me of the napster logo.

SMS#012-2142xxx: hey shaz, nice blog header! this friday lunch still on with Christian?

TZ said...
Dude, I like the new header. Simple and reflecting the characteristic of your blog. Kudos to the designer... just wondered whether the designer could design one for me too ;-)

PS: Ok la, i know - why am i so hyped up about all this, its just a header right?... Well no one has actually designed for me before (for free) thats why i'm so hyped up!!! Ive been depending all my life on Blogger with the silly template and small 400x300 photos which is so tiny and you can't see the details of the picture, but NOW you can!!! Im not a designer, i know nuts about designing logo's and web templates...but i did go to APIIT for my Diploma in CIT.


At 12:39 AM, Blogger FADZLAN RIZAN JOHANI said...

so, you have been study at APIIT ?..I was once involve in designing its new school complex.
long time ago.

nice to meet you 2,
p/s: any link to the radio online

At 1:37 AM, Blogger hp84 said...

Shaz, i would like to suggest combination of 'green and blue'..
make it grassy green.. then when i come over to your blog, i will have football feel.

If can, add some radio elements to your new template.

At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Nigel said...

I think white background can maintain..easy on the eye with black text..

sidebar maybe can do little headers for each section with icons or vector graphics to represent..

green is eco-friendly..nice!

header is cool. how about a simple flash header as upgrade? ur designer biasa do...hehe..

bigger pictures! yeah! keep the file size small so it wont take long loading times..

other than that, cant wait to see the transformation...


At 4:30 PM, Blogger TZ said...

Dude, Simplicity is the latest fashion... I like the design so much...

how about changing the word from "Chronicles of a Frenchie" to "5 elements of life" and pass it to me. LoL :-p


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