Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Too busy to update...

(Blog Update For Being Too BUSY!!!)

Its currently almost 2am in the morning, and i only had barely 4 to 5 hours of sleep last night! Having to wake up quite early this morning for a press screening of I AM LEGEND! Hehehe.. the movie was ok, i should've read the synopsis and watched the trailer first!!! Needa know what i was going in for!

Anyways, been really busy! Got lots of stuffs to update on my blog! not enough time for everything... so for now i'm just going to show you some TEASERs of my upcoming updates!

Was at the MyChemicalRomance CONCERT @ Stadium Merdeka the other night, got MEDIA pass to enter the area and clearance to take pictures!!! The Pics from dSLR will be available soon, this is from my P&S.

Was at the RadioFest dinner at One World Hotel... Here's the crew from FlyFM together with my colleague Dina from Xfresh FM. Some of the FlyFM crew in here used to be from my office.

Alot of people were there, inclusive of 2 of my colleagues Jay from MixFM and miss... i forgot la! Content Editor. More pictures coming up real soon! But for now just enjoy...


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