Tuesday, November 27, 2007

[Finally] Back to normal postings...

(Blog Update For The Weeks That Has Passed By...)

Finally, after weeks of running around here and there, being a sales person for AMP Radio, going for meetings representing the station at brand presence meeting with clients, going for training representing the HEMX network (hitz.fm, Era, MixFM, Xfresh), absailing from 4th floor of a building to the ground, interviewing A1 drivers and other personalities, interviewing friends and spectators for the A1GP weekend, editing audio in the recordign studio, celebrating birthdays for friends whose b'days falls in the month of November and many more...

Well, finally... i am back to normal postings on my blog! Will be trying to catchup with all those updates that i promise you all! So somedays, you might find me posting 2 updates in a day... and that shall carry on... for a month or two...as now i am about 50 updates backdated! That's hundreds of photos waiting to be uploaded!

This update will summarise some of the many events that happeend in my life over the past 2 weeks! Cheerios...

Was at Luna Bar in KL - having an awesome time up here with good food!!!

Was at Luna Bar with Amanda... the night was breezy, the air was chillin'...the company was GREAT!

All you girls out there... read THAT!!! "Only HOT staff allowed" - so if you're not HOT enuff!!! Don't even think of passin' thru! - Anyways was at Nando's with a couple of friends celebrating Scott's birthday!!! Happy Birthday bro!

Scott with Apple, was at Apartment on Scott's birthday... celebrating his b'day in style!!!

HUGO Boss - XY and XX perfume, the latest range by HUGO! - Thanks to HUGO Boss for giving these!!!

Was at the HOTLINK Freakshow PopShuvit Concert, i was the only Xfresh FM announcer there together with some of the hitz.fm announcers. The rest of the Xfresh announcers couldn't make it for the KL concert, but hey we made the party HAPPENIN'!!!

Mikel's B'day Celebration at OLE-OLE Bali @ Sunway Pyramid... the day after was Xian Jin's bday!!!

Was at MV for the special screening of ENCHANTED! Together with Nadiah, Pitt and Nelsen! Awesome night catching up...

Right after we watched ENCHANTED! - the movie was awesome, made us laugh throughout the movie! - Together with (L-R): Xian Jin, Mikel, Herbert, William, Joey... Glad to get the chance to catchup with Herbert after so long! Last time was like in 2001!

Microsoft's latest keyboard - yes, this baby costs almost RM1K, well it comes with everything that you need... will talk about it real soon!!!

Microsoft's Sidewinder Mouse... this awesome piece of mouse has it all!!! Will talk about it in the upcoming Microsoft 25th Year Anniversary update!

Was at the Curve to meet up with some old friends... Leena, Sean, Matahari, Darrel & KC who took the photo for us! We were at O'briens at first for ermm... YUMMY Sandwiches! Mwhaha... anyways will talk about this new product for your car's petrol consumption real soon!

Buddies from way back... Andy Saiden and Leena (Mama Bear)... btw, notice the differences in my eyes?

Was away for a couple of days for practice n tournament for the National Paintball League - under AMP Radio Networks! My team got 2nd place in the tournament! And here's our coach!!!

Who says playing paintball is easy... it requires alot of stamina, skills, and your senses! Definately don't drink and then play paintball! Mwahhahaa...

Was at the Intel 45NM Launch here in Kuala Lumpur... will do a full write-up about this new processor by Intel as well!

Oh and ya... had lunch with Gary here in MidValley! At a cool new restaurant that just opened at Northpoint!


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Leena said...

Papa Bear, me want the pictures, mail it to me please! lbmc9@hotmail.com k! thank u! Muax Muax


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