Thursday, November 08, 2007

Family & Sports Carnival

(Blog Update For Family & Sports Carnival Recently...)

Family & Sports Carnival.. there's so much things to do here today, there's clowns, lucky draw, games here and there... not forgetting FOOD! 'There's plenty of food everywhere. Was there with Jack, Josh, Roe, Paul, Josh, Wei Ming, Rachel and many others... The event took place at the Matsushita sports building in Shah Alam.

I was there for a short while only, as in for about 2 - 3 hours. Was only there in the afternoon as had something else happening in the evening. So yea... nothing much to talk about the sports carnival, it was like any other sports event for family members and all.

Before i end my post with the following photos, i would like to wish all my Hindu friends a Very Happy Deepavali. Thank you for those who invites me to their open houses but sadly i am not able to attend as i am working night shift. This is the life of a radio announcer in the entertainment / broadcasting industry.

L-R: Roe, Jack, Me and Josh... enjoying our drinks and all!!!

Here's Jack with his vouchers that he gave to me to get whatever i wanted to eat / drink. Oh well.. thx bro! :)

Jack gave me RM 15 worth of vouchers, but i shared it with him to buy food and all. We managed to finish all!

Here's Josh! i really don't know and can't remember why is he acting like that!

Wei Ming and Jack... well Wei Ming seems to be taking quite a lot of photos from the event! Share some photos la....

I totally forgotten her name... so sorry! anyways Jack... remind me la! :P

Paul is just obsessed with Ice-cream!!! But i bet he didn't get that obsess anymore once he started working at Starbucks Coffee.

A clown who is clowning around... i hope its not KJ inside this clown suit :P

Ok ok...all what we had was this Malay guy selling Koay Teow... it was ok but not that filling for me!

We went on and on to take more photos... Josh was trying out the camera!!!

And we still had more and more vouchers to go... so we ended up buying Kelapa Muda!

And more Kelapa Muda... to share with everyone!!!

And we drank at places where you are not allowed to drink :P

Why is this lil'boy sweating... i really have no idea! Seriously!!!

This is a classic game, but its something that works! Its fun for both adults and kids!

And we continued eating and eating towards the end of the day. It was a fun day altogether... managed to take lots of photos! But seriously i don't have the time to put up all...!!! Mwhaha... anyways, thanks bro for sharing the vouchers with me! The Kelapa muda is so nice that i feel like going to Steven's Corner for one now! Mwahha...


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