Saturday, November 03, 2007

What are they queing up for..???

(Blog Update For Last Weekend...)

Now on a serious note, what are these people queing up for? Can anyone tell me... because apparently the queue goes out verrryyyy long! i'm sure its not donuts! What do other humans like to eat or drink..??? Hmm...

Now really, this ain't fun... getting squashed right there for 2 hours... what are they queing up for la???

Happy Birthday to Jared who just turned 21... and yes now he can go and search for his companion...his GIRL FRIEND! Because his "commitment" ermm not sure how to explain this but he took an oath to stay single till his 21st birthday...

The Ang's... L-R: Javan, Me, Jared and Jamie. My sisterrrr!!!! Yea.. yea.. u don't see her much here well we're all busy aren't we :P


At 12:01 AM, Blogger TZ said...

let me guess... ppl line up for JCO donuts rite?


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