Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pavilion: Revisited...[with upcoming update pics]

(Blog Update For 20th & 21st October 2007)

PS: For those who have already read this post, please scroll down for NEW upcoming blog update photos (updated as of 26th October 2.20am)

Lately, Pavilion has been the eye catching thing in town that has attracted alot of locals and even tourists in visiting this HUGE shopping mall that has everything for almost everyone. From having J.Co donuts pleasing all donut lovers, YoSushi for all Japanese food lovers, branded shops such as Louis Vuitton, Club Monaco, Quiksilver, Adidas and many more. Not forgetting Starbucks Coffee and Baskin Robbins Cafe.

But many had their eyes star strucked on one thing here at the center of the shopping mall. Which is their majestic staircase and awesome centercourt with a very long and wide catwalk stage. Since the opening of the Pavilion shopping mall, alot of new shops and cafe's has opened. Let's see what are some of the major differences on the front facade of this mall.

Here's "the Loaf" - a new bakery in town that sells great french delicacies, these breads and pastries are made from some of the finest imported ingredients. Of course, the pricing of the products here are a bit on the steep side.

Previously when i first dropped by Pavilion, these panels were empty... now filled with bright colors! New adverts which are kinda interesting actually...

This stand-alone panel on the right handside features some of the stores that are in Pavilion. Now it's featuring the Times bookstore, Harvey Norman, Red Box Karaoke (the posh version), and the upcoming Food Republic (a concept food court from Singapore).

Club Monaco is located on 2 floors and the front facade of it is right beside the main entrance to Pavilion.

Juicy Couture - a store that most girls has been waiting for!! or should i say die for! :P

Here's Joshua, Angel and Andre... here we are hangin' out at KLPac on a lovely sunday afternoon. Amazing enough this wire sofa set can actually tahan my weight!

My upcoming b'day party..would probably have both Joshua and Angel performing up on stage!!! hopefully...!!! hehe..

Sing a song... let's sing sing and sing! Mwahha... the day wasn't too hot! The weather was just nice! Joshua is always there with his Superman t-shirt, Andre busy listening to music! Angel juz lovesss taking pictures! Darrel still can't swim, Rachel's high heel is stuck to the sofa and Stephen is hungry for J.Co Donuts!

The reason is you??? Err... yea!! i was late once again for this meet! sorry guys...

There we are.. hangin' out at KLPac, not much of photos to show to y'all cause we mainly talked here.. tryin' to catchup with ol' times and all!

The blue skies that was over the golden triangle of Kuala Lumpur was awesome on this day!!!

Giant pretzels on sale only at Etoile Cafe @ Pavilion... wanna find out more! Stay tuned for more updates!

Family Sports Carnival happening here in Shah Alam, pic of us Xfreshers Ying Roe, Jack and Joshua in this photo!!! Stay tuned for more photos from this event!

The Phunk Charity Garage Sale happened at TCSJ campus, more pics... coming up!

Sending Jack off to Sydney via KLIA... a day that many of his friends were here too! For more pictures, stay tuned!!!

Jared turned 21... here are Jared's siblings... Javan and Jamie! Pics from Jared's birthday party coming up soon!!!

Who wants to play yo-yo like this king of yo-yo KJ!!! More pics, stay tuned...!!!
Penang bloggers came down to Kuala Lumpur, the SHOUT'ers are here!!! Pics coming up real soon!


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