Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jazz Fest'07 [Final Weekend]

(Blog Update For August 2007...)

This is one of those updates that was suppose to go up like way long time ago! But hey, the Jazz Fest '07 was a great experience for many of my friends. It was almost the same like the many previous years before but not to worry... there will be more..

PRESS / Media Invites...
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There will be another update on the Jazz Fest which will include awesome photos of the performers... but this update will mainly focus on my friends who were there to enjoy the show on this night!

For those who didn't get to enjoy or go for the Jazz Fest '07 this year, try it out next year... it should be around July / August... they always have it at Plaza Mont Kiara. Awesome festival with awesome friends! Jazz ONN!!!

At the Jazz Fest with my friends from DUMC includes Denise, Jared, Jamie, Ben, Christine, Daryll, Kimberly and i brought Justin over and the world seems so small that he knows Denise!
Great stores to tell... about Stephanie in this photo... there was this one day that I had lunch with Adam at the Curve and suddenly...[oops! sorry steph...]

L-R: Christine, Daryll, Denise & Justin... looks like someone loves SUPERMAN!

Some of the LIVE performances that was going on that night...

Ok what kind of stupid pose is this??? We were asked to do...

The Photographer in action... mwhaha!!!

Another photographer in action... Hao Wei at last!!! got to go out with him after so long!

Hao Wei & Cindy... Hao Wei's collegemate!
Denise & Justn... yep old schoolmates they are! I didn't know!!!

Another group photo to finish up the day!!! Yep we imported food from all over the plaza, from McD to Haagen Dazs

Just another one of those random photos!!! Jared sure do have a big laugh!!!

Christine and Daryll... Since when Superman gone black?

Ok here's the worst pose ever! Really.. i can't believe i did this! :(

Priceless photo for the day! Mwhahaha... Look at Justin gettin pranked to do such thing while we did a normal pose!

Was with another group of friends aswell... Albert and Chris...

Not forgetting Calvin and Ivan was there too... we accidentally met each other there! So we enjoyed the show!!!

Mr. Rock Ashleighhh together with Amanda in this photo!

We enjoyed every single bit of the show and couldn't resist to take more pics! sadly now in the UK! oh well.. have fun over there!! :)


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