Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's time for Jack's Speech...

(Penang Trip - Starts TODAY)

I'm off to penang today on a flight in the morning... will be staying in Penang for quite a number of days... for my friends up in Penang, i know i've lost contact with some of you since i changed phones and lost your number...do meet up with me whilst i'm in Penang, feel free to email me your contact details at shazFX@gmail.com / or you can contact me at 012-331 9507... because i'll be pretty much free when i'm in Penang. It's gonna be a free and easy trip, nothing planned... just chill! Anyone else in Penang wanna meet up oso can... AWESOME!

It was almost the end of the party, where everyone who was suppose to come has already arrived, some had left due to time constraints and other farewell parties to go to perhaps... So Jack shared his experiences from what he had gone thru in life, studies, and what he's been thru... We all listened to what Jack has to say, yes... he was really lucky to have purchased his flight ticket to Sydney at a fairly cheap price!

HEhe... but we'll see you back in KL right bro... really soon i know! Take care Jack, hope you like this update on your farewell party, next few ones would be your farewell at KLIA when we all sent you off...

Jack giving his farewell speech... yes he wrote a one page'r about what he went thru this year!

Some old buddies and friends that we all made along the way... the life that has been given to us!

Some online friends that Jack got the chance to know through the power of BLOGGING, Penny, Scott, Mikel and John.

The party took place at Lake Edge housing area by YTL, Jack's new house... is here and the balcony - poolside area is awesome to have a party!!!

Some of Jack's schoolmates... i forgotten her name!! aiyoo... been long time since i last gone out with her!

The guy in green is Jack's cousin Mahzrin, together with Scott and Peny! She's gone to UK when are u coming back to KL????

L-R: John, Scott, Mikel, Me, and Steph... the party was separated into two areas, indoor and outdoor... the food can be found inside!

Jack was from SMK Desa Perdana...and these are some of his schoolmates!

Jack's friends...listening attentively to Jack's speech... everyone was brought inside this hall that accomodated about 100 over friends this night! Hey...i see Terence!!! He's gone abroad aswell!

Daniel Tan, another fellow blogger but one of Jack's church mates as well...

She's one of Jack's CG members... i forgotten her name! OMG... so sorry! I know we went out for sushi that day...

Farewell party...some of Jack's friends all gathered up for a photo by the stairs...

Jack's way of saying thank you for coming!!! Hehe... i tasted the cake and yes it was nice! It was a jelly cake... i saw it recently at a shop in Ikano Power Center lower ground floor. Looks awesome!


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