Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Christmas Again...

(Blog Update For...A Day Out in Kuala Lumpur)

It's amazing how fast the Christmas deco was up in many shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur way before the month of December starts! Well... most of the mall had the Christmas Spirits in 'em... ever since the middle of November! On par with the Singapore city deco's i believe... but of course their deco's, events and happenings in town are far much greater than what you can see here in Malaysia!

I was in Singapore last year to go for a short holiday in that lovely city, meet up with friends and even shop a little! The fabulous city was just too AWESOME! i'd say... seriously the feeling of Xmas was there! It felt so different, it felt like as if i was in some European country!

No, i'm not trying to brag about how Singapore is THE destination for DECEMBER! But yea... Malaysia too has its plus points! Almost every other malls here are decorated with Xmas deco's and is playing Xmas songs all day long with performances and activities...

Suria KLCC still has the same Xmas tree now for like err 5 years??? The Curve apparently has the BEST Xmas deco in town! Go ahead and look at it for yourself... Anyways on this day, since Jack was back! A bunch of us went for jalan jalan in the Curve, Ikano, Ikea, KLCC and Pavilion... all in one day! Below are some of the pictures taken over lunch at Ichiban Boshi @ Pavilion.

Owhh lookie! My...iPHONE! Taking a pic of the Suria KLCC Xmas Tree... (not my iPhone la.. mwahha!)

Here's a picture of Ian, Jack and Kevin here in front of the Xmas tree @ KLCC

We went to Ichiban Boshi and had this special meal for only RM12.90 if i'm not mistaken! Inclusive of fruits for dessert and miso soup! Well worth it...

Something over lunch... fish with egg!!! and rice...

Not too sure about what Jack had for lunch... but this was it!

So yea... here's Ian and Jack! Perhaps we were all too high on the ROASTED Japanese Green Tea drink they gave us! Free Refill yO!!!

Kevin, Me and Ian... all using a whole lot of Chopsticks for errr no purposes!

Let's not waste anymore chopsticks shall we!!!

Ok ok... that's a bit too much!!! Soya sauce summore...

Well anyways, we had an enjoyable lunch...!!! Then we moved on to the next thing in our itinerary!

Which was to watch the movie HEARTBREAK KID - on the day of its launching here in KL, @ GSC Pavilion!!! Notice the tickets... RM0.00 --> Free tixxx YO!!!


At 9:59 PM, Blogger mrbherng said...

Visit Portuguese Settlement in Malacca. The decoration there is one hack of a unique one. Be warned of the crazy traffic there though.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous rara said...

nice place for hagout.
btw i hard a hard time scrolling your blog coz it displays a lot of posts. may i suggest that reduce the number of posts to be displayed on you frontpage. anyway, you have nice posts.



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