Friday, December 28, 2007

Revisiting The Past Into Our Presence...

(Blog Update For The Recent Days That Is Untold about...)

What would our kids know about our city, our country, our nation? All they know about is technology, night life, highways, great food... but would they know about what we or our parents went thru in the past...

Something like the old train stations in town and the rural areas, perhaps would they just know about KL Sentral and its ERL and the great KLIA? What about trishaws would they even know about it or they would only know the existance of the LRT and Aircrafts?

At times, things as good as our memories need to be preserved... as such this trip to the KTM Station in Kuala Lumpur together with Hao Wei, Jon and Paul was one of those things we'd call documenting the past for our future!

A view of the KTM office dome minaret here from an old-school mamak with grills covering the open space.

The platform here at KTM Kuala Lumpur station... yes the station is still functioning till now!

Equality Rawks... what's in this picture? It depicts a small story about how equality not just in race or gender comes into play but equality in the things that we have. Digital SLR's can be compared but be greatful in what you already have on you. We are all made equal... then again someone asked... "really arr, we are all made equal?" Yes yes, we have a set of eyes, ears, hands, nose, mouth... everyone is equal! Nobody is perfect!

No really, in this pic Jon thought that we were gonna push him down the tracks! Mwhaha... Juz Kidding!!

Our bags, more than just bags... in fact they are getting to know each other! Small, Big, Wide, Different Color... Peace!!!

Its Dinner Time... and so we go for a drink / food here at the ABC stall at Brickfields... apparently they have such generous servings here!

Presents, presents, presents... what a great gift for Xmas!!!

Salt and Pepper...getting merry all this Christmas!!!

Joanne ordered Caesar Salad, and no wonder it came first! mwhaha...

Flame grilled Prawns... yummy!!! This is why i love MFM so much! But i still like Fish & Co's Fish n Chips!

A small group of us here at MFM but a bigger group later on at the Countdown party here at Kopi-Bar Centerpoint!!!

Moe and myself... heheh!! Mr Fly FM meets Xfresh FM :P Mwahhaa!!!

Joey and Gary, finally they get to meet each other! Mwahhaa....

Andrew and Sammie... wahhh so great together! :) That's all for today...!!!


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