Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Radio Fest 2007 @ One World Hotel

(Blog Update For 8th December 2007)

Ever wondered how those people look like, those who cheer you up way early in the morning while you drive to college / work... ever wondered how those radio announcers look like, those that drive you home in the late afternoon and those who accompany you when you are lonely at night! Well in this blog post you will have the possibility to see the pictures of some of Malaysia's famous Radio Announcers!!!

Radio Fest 2007, a 2 days conference held at One World Hotel and ended with a big bang cocktail reception and 9-course dinner at the Imperial Ballroom of the newly built One World Hotel here in Petaling Jaya.

An annual event organised by MACRO - Malaysian Association of Commercial Radio Organisation which is now known as Commercial Radio Malaysia if i am not mistaken...!!! This event is organised to show corporate clients and advertising partners on the effectiveness of radio advertising and its developments and so forth. Not forgetting to thank the advertisers on their expenditure towards radio advertising! And so forth...

The dinner was awesome... this reception was a GREAT one as it seems like it's a dinner reception for all of us to meet up with some old workmates as some who has evolved to other working places... so yea, this night i had the chance to meet up with former colleagues from my workplace who are now on other stations! It was a GREAT reunion!!! haha...

There were a lot of tables... and yes each and every one of them are fully occupied!!!

Former colleague from hitz.fm is Baby Ben who is now on FlyFM!!! - he was my mentor!!! sort of, the one who's shown me what it's like in the entertainment industry!

Nadia Mishmoore and Aliff, used to be at Xfresh... now with Fly FM!!!

Colleagues from all different angles and places... Samir from hitz.fm, Reza from eraFM, and me!!!

Radio Networks...we have friends everywhere!!! Tonight, its all about the FOOD!!!

Jay of MixFM used to be from hitz.TV!!! Awesome dress!!!

My colleagues from THR Raaga and Gegar!!! Inclusive of their morning crew!!!

Friends from FlyFM, Red and myself...!!! Whee...

Mix FM DJ Sham and myself!!! We're all very simple people!!!

My clients from SonyBMG Music!!! Known them since like 2001!!!

Jeyaram aka Junior of hitz.fm!!! He's one BUSY guy!!!

Adam C of hitz.fm and Jack Lim of MyFM!!! Radio Announcers from Malaysia's #1 Radio Stations!

One World Hotel's Xmas Tree and Decorations...

The colors of Xmas, its bright light...shining us in all we can!


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