Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Freakshow: Pop Shuvit Tour!!!

(Blog Update For November 2007)

This was like way a while back when and Xfresh FM was the official radio station for the HOTLINK Freakshow PopShuvit Tour Concert happening at 3 different locations in and around Malaysia! The Radio Announcers from both stations are required to be there at the event to hype up the crowd and so i was there too! The only thing i forgotten to do was to dress up as freaky as possible! Mwhahaha...

So yea..let's have a look at some of the pictures taken on that day... below are some pics of me and my colleagues!!! Awesomeness....

The Radio Announcers from Left: JJ, Adam C, Natalie, Rudy and Ean!

There you go... JJ and Rudy trying to make their way into the club thru the fans!!! Ooohhh!!

They're all dressed up for the occasion, and here's a photo opportunity for my fellow colleagues!

Who's badder?? Errr is there such a word? Mwhahaha... JJ & Rudy on the stage hype'ing the crowd their own WAY!

Games to make people laugh and hyped up for the band!!!

They always want more... what can JJ & Rudy give...??? to their awesome listeners!!! More prizes awaits them! A handphone as the grand prize!

The stage when empty... & Xfresh presents...

Ooops... random photo taken in the studio whilst our 1st runner up to the Malaysian Idol 1 competition Dina was inside the studio with us all!!!


At 11:32 PM, Blogger kyliemc said...

natalie is hot!! hehe...she looks sexy in her outfit...a bit like sexy gurl in skool uniform :P


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