Thursday, May 08, 2008

Media Premiere: Iron Man

(Blog Update for 29th April 2008)
-the Iron Man photos on this site belongs to the film distributor-

Was invited to the Media Premiere of Iron man, the film was absolutely MARVELous!!! You may have heard me talking about the movie on air during my shift...but seriously you hve to go watch it yourself to experience IRON MAN!!! - a must watch film of the year!

Anyways, for those of you my friends who has been asking me about the numerous adverts on Men's Health Magazine, Malay Mail, The Star, Star Two, NST, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Jit Poh, and the banners you all saw at Bangsar, Bangsar Village, Damansara, Damansara Jaya and etc...

Well, thx for all the msg's on msn, sms and all... well yes...let's get the cat out of the bag! It is me! I've been chosen to become one of the new Ambassadors to SVENSON Hair Care. So...wanna have stronger hair, longer hair and better & healthier hair like me. Come over to SVENSON!!!

Was there at the premiere with Nazrul from NTV7. My other colleagues Hanif and Shac was suppose to be there too as i got them the invites but they couldn't make it last minute!

Wahhh lao ehh!!! Look at that IRON suit!

That could be my car soon... one of these days!

Macha.... look at that screen! If only my wallpaper is something like that :P

Ok this is a bit too much! Two screes together...

GSC MidValley - All the premieres for this movie was held at GSC 1U and Cineleisure but our screening in the morning was held at MV.

Was at Starbucks the other day for a shoot! NTV7 wanted to shoot me for an here we were at Starbucks!

I was there for like an hour...for the interview! Had to answer a whole lot of questions!

Oh lookie! My new laptop ad mouse :P

Anyways, thanks to Starbucks for the location and drinks!

Oh look at that... my banner at Damanssra Jaya! asked me to take the pics for you to see! Here it is! :P shy la me! Ok here it is anyways for those of you who asked me to put up the photos!

At one of the SVENSON Hair Care centers, this was at MidValley, in the midst of a treatment!

Their range of shampoos for treatments! room has changed from nothing to AWESOMEness!!! Nowadays im more at home than before :P


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anston said...

Fuh Yoh~ ur PC wallpaper really ROCKS!! I also want it~

Most of my friend wanted to watch the movie again, i still haven't catch a time to enjoy ler! haiz

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Patrick Soo (ex-Xfresher) said...

Greetings from Melbourne Hair-boy :P

You are one photogenic bloke. But why Svenson? It's not like you were balding.

I loved Iron Man too. But as a member of the press, I hope you had the common sense to stay for that precious few minutes at the end of the credits. If you missed it, it's a lead up to the Avengers movie. Google it.

Btw, I'm coming down on the 27th of December and my boyfriend is finally coming down to see my good ol' friends. Please say you'd be free around that time. Coordinate with Albert. I so want him to meet you lot and see what wonderful friends you all are.

Missing you guys in KL and lotsa love from freezing Melbourne,



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