Wednesday, April 09, 2008

WENDY's - the GRAND Opening in Malaysia!

(Blog Update For Some Random Days...)

I was there for the MEDIA Launch of WENDY's @ Sunway Pyramid last saturday the 5th April 2008! me the queue at Wendy's didn't stop till like 10pm at night when they were about to close.

Wendy's - the highly anticipated fast food restaurant opening of the year opened its doors for business today at 1pm for the public and at 10am for members of the Media! It brings all the real AMERICAN Burgers (in terms of size, menu, taste...back to Malaysia).

Will talk more about Wendy's later in this update...i was there with a friend Alan, and we had so much food till i'm so full that it's not even funny. Packed up 1 whole entire meal from Wendy's for Jomi and he said "The mustard and the beef patty is very delicious..tasty"! ?

Before i post the photos from Wendy, i shall let you seen some random upcoming updates for now!

Was at SOMO @ Mt. Kiara last thursday night... for Hanah Tan's performance! - in this photo some friends, Josh Lim, Jamie, Jessica, Hannah, and David Lai.

Hannah Tan performing at her best!

My hair is all messed up tonight...oops!!!

Me and Jamie...the sixteen? err!! Hehehe..

Was at MV for the Premier of NIM's Island...with Ian and Jon Ming! Justin and Isa was supposed to join us but hey...FFK'ers! :P

What they both have in common... iPHONEs!!! Arghhh.. people arr.!

Back to no iPhone me...!!! my new enyce jacket :P

Jon Ming posing for a photo taken by Justin! - giving Justin his professional commando look! SURPRISE...JonMing shaved his hair! WT..??

Apparently Justin loves taking candid photos...of Isa!

Ah... Random updates! Will update our trip down to the Zoo soon! Last sunday, we all went to the Zoo Negara for a day trip! - Great trip, the Lion almost killed us!

Bought a few bananas...we all took our turns to each feed the elephant! I think Ashleighhhh got a photo of Jon Ming's face here when the Elephant farted (or sumthin) thru its trunk / nose... to Jomi!

Radiance (Ashleighhhh's GF) feeding the elephant!

Some of us that managed to stay for HOURSSS under the HEAT at the Zoo!

Wendy's Burger - was here to have a meal, thx to the friendly people from Wendy's!

A nice meal filled with A-Z: 3/4 Pound Double Cheese Burger, Fries, Large Ribena, Oreo Frosty Ice-Cream, Baked Cheese & Cheese Potato!

This Frosty is da'BOMB! Awesome's a dessert actually! (something like McD's McFlurry).

Full of chocolate bits here and there!

The burger is so big that it can't even fit my mouth!

Wrapped in this foil wrapping...keeping the freshness of the food!

That's 3/4 Pound of Beef Patties yO!!!! Their specialty.

Baked Cheese & Cheese FILLING yO!!

Their Chili is awesome! This is like a soup (more of less) with baked beans, beef and some tomato sauce i think! - More detailed updates about WENDY's in Malaysia coming up real soon!
But for now, visit their 1st and only outlet here (for the moment) @ Sunway Pyramid (opposite McD - ice rink). The price for the burgers here are quite reasonable, just a dollar or two more expensive than McD's!
Opening 3 more outlets by May or June @ IOI Mall, Jaya One and Times Square.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger joshuaongys said...

aiseh next time ppl ffk den ask me.. i go!! got free tickets wor hahahhaha

At 4:14 PM, Blogger TZ said...

Wendy back to Malaysia... this brand used to here decades ago...

Welcome back Wendy... :->


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