Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

(Blog Update For CNY 2nd Day...)

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xing Nian Kwai Le... Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Whoaa... this is a VERY outdated post! Wanted to post it much earlier...but oh well under the circumstances, i couldn't help it but to post this only now!

Jack invited us to his house for CNY Open House... was a cool one actually! My first one this year and ya lor... got ang pow's!!! Not just from Jack's family but also from his aunty, uncle and wahhh the whole kampong!

Hehehe.. j/k... Anyways the pics below that is the week after CNY - at Oldtown Kopitiam 3 1/2 Mile Old Klang Road - Just to do the Yee Sang thingy! It was quite a nice one actually! Never tasted such nice one before!

L-R: Xuan Han, Jack, Me, Joshua, Rachel & Stephen... Everyone else was wearing boardshorts / shorts except for the both of us!

Nice new house bro! Heheh.. Oh ya Ying Roe came late! :P

We were outside Jack's house posing with Joshua's new car! White Savvy!!!

Trying out best to get Proton to sponsor us.. hope they will :P

But then again... NOT! both Jack and Stephen acting up in this scene as if they were hit by this reckless driver by the name of Josh! :P

But then again, they didn't mind getting hit :P

That's all of us here today!!! Thx to Kevin for taking the pics :P

Yee Sang @ Oldtown Kopitiam...

Joshua...current The Sun journalist / photographer!

The Yee Sang here can feet from 4 - 6 persons! but we had one of this for 12 pax :P

The Oldtown Kopitiam waiter preparing the dressing...

Let's rumble in!!! Macha...eat macha! :P

That's me and Ruth - currently she's back in Sydney!!! Got to meet her once only during her stay here in KL - but managed to prank her TWICE :P LOL...

That's all of us here tonight at Oldtown Kopitiam... till we all meet again for another festive season and great day!!!


At 7:20 PM, Blogger amb3r1te said...

cool, i didnt know that old town kopitiam served yee sang!

am looking forward to yesterday's pics! ;)

At 11:07 AM, Anonymous yapkevin said...

Shaz!!! can tell me where is these house located! the house and the location seems nice... can let me know where izzit?


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