Tuesday, April 01, 2008

F1 Grand Prix @ Sepang Circuit!

(Blog Update For F1GP - March 2008)

The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix happened 2 sundays ago... over a span of 3 days and it was a HOT one! Actually it's been always a HOT race at SEPANG for the many many years that it's been here!

Anyways, went to SEPANG with Xian Jin and Joseph! Had 3 tickets to this event, thx to my dad! T'was an awesome seat right over at the TOWER 1,000 dollar ticket! Dayumnn i won't pay such money to go see carsss VROOOMM......VROOMM...where u can actually sit at home and watch everything from all different angles available for FREE! Right?

Well, there you go... we went to watch the F1 - our ears were almost deaf! Yep...we totally forgotten all about the ear plugs! :P

Sandra's B'day celebration pictures coming up tonight! Yes tonight.. i'm not gonna procrastinate no more!

Aiyoo yoo.. t'was KJ's idea! Who is Delicious eh! hehe.. btw i am NOT edible :P

Here we are at the TOWER! Awesome place but the HEAT was just unbearable...

That's one car passed by in a glimpse of a second!! Vroom....and oops nothing else to see!

Yea.. this one too! How i just wished i was at home watching it on ASTRO!

Ahhh this guy was coming in so fast that i think he lost 0.500 grams of his body weight at that turn :P

Ahh.... why la everyone wanna take pic? ehehhe.. ! Look who's talkin!

There i am with my Ticket complimentary of my dad's office!

Sepang Circuit - da BEST!!! The layout of the place is so good that i had to walk so far from the entrance of the circuit to my seat! :P
Ok ok.. now this is NOT GOOD!!! RM25 for - 8 sticks of Satay, Oreo's Biscuit (x4pcs), 1 Can of drink! WTF...?? crazee arr..
Xian Jin and I and Joseph taking the photo...sorry ya :P
Here we are about to leave the North Tower! Good bye RM3K worth of tickets!

Went to Pan & Bakery for supper with a mixture of friends...from different places and colleges! KTar, UTAR, KDU, Monash, Taylors, HELP, and etc!!! - but wat i juz don't get it is what are they staring at? Aren't we suppose to catchup and chat whilst being here!
OMG looks like they've been ZOMBIfied! Err MayYan...Gadiy...Bryan..are u guys awake?
Ok ok. the PACIFIER (movie) with VIN Diesel is much more interesting than chatting huh :P
We went down to pay...but we all still looked attentively to the TV screen downstairs!


At 12:54 AM, Blogger bue said...

sorry la :P

it has been AGES since we've watched a movie. Even an inhouse movie!

Thanks to you, we've updated ourselves with waterhorse! ^^

It was a good one.

Hope to see ya soon bro,
thanks again.

At 12:55 AM, Blogger bue said...

sorry, btw, this is gadiy.
Stupid sister used her acc and never log off! -.=


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