Monday, April 14, 2008

Hannah Tan's gig @ SOMO

(Blog Update For Sometime...somewhere in the month of April 2008)

SOMO @ Mt. Kiara is an address to remember for this unforgettable night for over a hundred music enthusiasts who were here for Hannah Tan's performance. She was there singing about 5 songs and a few extra's for those who requested!

She will soon be coming out with a new album, not forgetting to include the song that she had just wrote like a couple of weeks before that. This song is really EMO! Seriously... you listen to it, you can CRY! HAhaha... anyways! Was there on this night to do a small report! Did a call back to the station and also did a few reports on the following day on air!

A great night catching up with alot of people whom i haven't seen for a long time, and a great place to hangout with former colleagues and current colleagues such as Serena C and Efie...! Oh yea... just a lil' bit i wanna talk about here - on this night, i saw more than just support...more than just love for the music, it wasn't just merely a showcase. It was done with much LOVE and appreciation towards the local music industry and the love towards friendship! Sometimes we can't get enough of what we have can we... so this evening on the way home, i was thinking of something which goes...

"We shouldn't envy what we don't have that other people has, instead we should envy what we already have and what others don't have that we already have in hand". Ok ok... that's a bit too much for my LOW IQ brain to decipher!


At 12:03 AM, Blogger Josh Lim said...

Whoo, nice photos! But why is my shirt wet? WTF. It was a great night, lots of good company and Hannah definitely rocked!

Btw, nake sure you join us too for Marie Digby (the Youtube/"Umbrella" cover-queen) on May 14th at One Utama yeah :) Advertlets is the official blog advertising sponsor for her showcase in KL! Yay!

At 12:10 PM, Blogger STEFFI said...

excellent photos shaz... haven't seen you ard the gym for ages. you still a member at FF?

marie digby is coming?? is it a public event?

At 2:14 PM, Blogger Leonard said...

Nice Shot MAn !

Catchup wot u soon !


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