Saturday, January 05, 2008

Adele's Christmas Partyyyy

(Blog Update For 23rd December 2007)

It was a lovely sunday evening and my friend Adele invited some of her close friends for a lovely Christmas dinner here at her residence. The dinner was great with awesome company of most of our friends from this group la... i.e.: Marianne, Joevie, Jas, Arthur, Eman, Anderson and many more...

Dinner was good! Then it was opening presents time and we all played Uno all night long! The whole thing was fun and we ajourned for mamak at Rasta TTDI!!! This is one of my greatest home party for Christmas that was held here in Malaysia! Simple but carries a whole lot of meaning.

Thank you to Adele for the lovely door gift, Christmas Present and great food!!! As for Tsu Yi, it was unexpected and i really thank you for your gift and generosity! Take care, all the best to y'all!!!

The girls on the loooong sofa kind of thingy!!!

A pic with Tsu Yi! Thx for the gift it really touches me all the way inside!

Eman with his Cari Makan tool!! hehee...

Fancy taking picture of the moon???????? Oh well here it is!!
Marianne, known her ever since 2001 OMG... finally got back again!!!

Ahh the blue one is my present to her!!! Guess what she goottt???

Well its time to open presents!! :) Someone actually got a Jay Chou limited edition poster you know!!

Played Uno all nightt long! Saw this deck at 1U... but the cheaper ones la during flat thingy!

I received a few presents this night!! thank you so much to y'all.. you know who you are!

Last pic of the day with Wy Kit!! :) heheh... he juz got himself an S3is :P


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