Monday, October 16, 2006

Stamford College Carnival @ VI [Chapter 2]

(Blog Update For 23rd September 2006)

Wow...after such a long stray of blog updates to what needed to go up first...i believe birthdays and all should go up first...coz if not by the time i update it...would perhaps be next month? Hahah...for example this event here took place on the 23rd of September and today is the 15th of October...whoaa 3 weeks later wei :P

I shall not talk so much...go ahead enjoy the pics from the Stamford College Sports Carnival and Food Festival. Later on...there are pics of me, Jack, June and Steph at Bangsar Baru for dinner at Nirwana's Banana Leaf restaurant -Awesome Day-...

Played a game called the "Super Hero Pose" :P They had to do several poses upon my call...and this was one of them the "Batman" pose!!!

Our very own Xfresh FM Radio Announcer (DJ) Rex makin these students workout on hot tarmac!

The winner of one of the games that we played on the day...thiis guy probably lost like 10 kg's after this game :P

At the end of the event, the Xfresh StreetSurfers were there too!!! We managed to get a group shot!

Jack behind grills...trapped in his own squre...what a pity!!!

Look at one side of Jack's face is darker than the other side. More light is coming in from the left side than the right side...

Blue is the new green??? Oh well Jack's still trapped in his own square :P

Was at Bangsar Baru at night for dinner with June and Steph at Nirwana - this really nice banana leaf restaurant!

Banana Leaf Rice @ RM 4.50. Quite worth it i think...

Another series of "A Lot Like Friendship"...oooh watchout for that finger!

Eh...don't so bad la show fingers all :P

Last but not least a pic of me with Stephy poo!!! :-)


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