Sunday, October 15, 2006

One Bangsar Food Feast - Coming Back???

(Blog Update For 19th August 2006)

From what i heard, my friend say that the One Bangsar Food Feast is coming back again soon...(not sure how credible the info is) but hey, to avoid disapointment - here's a re-post of One Bangsar Trip that Jack and I went for a nice buffet on a saturday afternoon of which we stayed there for like 3 hours to eat from all the different restaurants.

Hopefully with this re-post you'd be able to find what you like to eat at One Bangsar from now till when the promotion is back again...

Once again the food connoisoeur (Jack|SQ) is back with more dining priviledges and surprises...for the whole month of August, on every saturday there's a special passport that you may purchase from any 1 of the 10 participating restaurants at One Bangsar which will allow you to savour some of the worlds fabulous food for just a mere RM28 per person.

Jack being the food connoisoeur loves trying out different restaurants, especially those that had just it was just Jack and Myself as our other friends and family members couldn't join us as something last minute came up.

Enjoy the photos below from our trip to One Bangsar - Hopefully it gives you an idea of what you can expect here at One Bangsar - new flagship restaurants presenting different delicacies from different nations.

Italian food had never tasted better!!! (In Malaysia) that you can savour some of the most delicious desserts and appetizers presented by Vincenzzo.

Main course filled with fettucini with beef bolognese sauce and not forgetting pasta with salmon as a filling inside.

Now let's take a walk...doesn't this feel like Japan...???

Here we are at Hideki Japanese restaurant at One Bangsar. The queue for the food was long but it was far much more than worth it!!!

Look at the queue - the guy was balding or is balding...well he lost all his hair on top while waiting for food :P We had to queue for about half an hour to get our food...but it was WORTH IT!!!

The tent outside Hideki serving the food to all its visitors, on the day alone till 4pm they served almost close to 5,000 rolls!!!

Is this all the salmon we took...??? I bet NOT!!!

California Rolls here are superb, there's that extra feeling of crunchiness!!! Yummy!!!

That was how much of Grilled teriyaki Salmon that we took that i tell ya paying RM28 for the feast was worth it!!!

Now let's move on to "Le Francais"...a french restaurant with French chef on the go!!! How's the food??? Not bad...taste just like back at home...

Crepe au fromage prepared by the chef and his helpers...served by the chef himself with that extra touch of love and gentleness!!!

That's me enjoying my meal here at "Le Francais".

Stan's Assam, this was the place where i tasted the weirdess Lemongrass drink ever! Perhaps its so original that i don't like it.

Stan's Assam...chicken roti jala and beef bee hoon. Local delicacies prepared...

Jack|SQ the food connoisoeur is back, now with more than just food but with tips and tricks about eating outside of the house when you're here in KL.

Jack|SQ trying out the hat here at the Vietnamese restaurant at One Bangsar. The food was rather different but nevertheless great taste of the orient is here.

Part of the dining area inside the Vietnamese restaurant...fine dining is here when you need it!!!
This is how you're suppose to roll the fish thingy from the banana leaf...

There's even Mediterranean food served here at the Saffron. Nothing much was served on this day...i don't know why!!!

Mixed Rice at Le Montien which is a thai restaurant - some may like to eat this than the rest...but it really depends on how's your tastebuds are like.

Finally our last stop for the day is Bangsar Seafood at One Bangsar. Which is part of the 10 restaurants that we're to stop by at this lovely place...there was too much for us to eat and didn't take much at all :-(

Last but not least, the garden here at One Bangsar - the garden is so green that you'll feel like you want to lie down on it.


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