Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friendship Grows on her 21st B'day Celebration

(Blog Update for 13th October 2006)

It was Kelz's Birthday Celebration at her residence. A lot of her friends were there from high school, collegemate, bloggermates and other friends. Everyone had so much fun and making new friends on the day.

Sorry I don't have much photos from the birthday celebration as i was running low on battery and arrived kinda late as I had to attend 2 other parties prior to Kelz's...

Happy 21st Birthday Kel Li hope you like the surprise and let this friendship grow between many of us for many more years to come and many more outings .

Kel Li clapping her thank one of her friends for a remarkable speech!!!

Erin and Kel Li...friendship tightens over the years...

Expressionless Dr. Tan...he loves his camera!

Roxy Cowgirls :P Wadduupp girls???
Asked Jason to laugh for the picture and he did it and what a brilliant picture :)

Group picture of all the guys at her b'day party!!!

Camera...lens...action! :P

Group photo of bloggers inside her house!!!

Jason, Jed, XX, Rames - One great big circle of friends uniting...


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