Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dinner @ Souled Out - Hartamas

(Blog Update For 16th September 2006)

It was right after the Xfresh Kosmo Futsal League Competition...Jack and I headed off to Souled Out at Hartamas and we had dinner with some colleagues here tonight at Souled Out, sponsored by Company of course so which explains all the good food here tonight.

Jack & I calculated that night how much each of us ate...well my bill should've come up to about RM215 for the night and Jack's would've come up to about RM140...wahhh!!! so expensive might aswell we go eat at Jogoya!!!

The food was delicious, the atmosphere was awesome!!! Great night for all and happy birthday to Ollie!!!

By the way here's some thought for the day: "It's all about forgiveness...God as my witness...i wanna live to see pease!!!"

Awesome food for a great price here at Souled Out!!! Wanna find out more on what are these food i'm talking about...scroll down for more pictures!!!

Jack, myself and Hafiz of AMP Sales Team.

Ollie, Jay Jay and Bala of the Xfresh StreetSurfers Team...

If you do go to Souled Out, do order this Summertime Salad - it is simply awesome!!!

Virgin Margarita and Pussy Foot - Whoaa these are all mocktails ya!!! I don't drink alcohol!!!

Let's all no...these drinks are juz mocktails! non-alcoholic!!! Mwhaah...

These beef ribs are delicious, but you should try out TGI Friday's Beef Ribs!!! Theirs should be the best!!!

Something to fill up your tummy as an appetizer...Deep Fried Calamari...!!!

Two new guys in the Xfresh StreetSurfers team together with Bala...

Didn't know that there's such thing as Haagen Dazs here it is!!!

These Cheese Nachos are fabulous!!! You will LOVE it...

Lamb Shank here is awesome, almost same as Secret Recipe's but here the portion is bigger!!!

The prawns here are so fresh that i feel like going to Souled Out again...!!!

Ollie's birthday...happy birthday dude!!!

They have Haagen Dazs Banana Split here too!!! Whoa..this is super cool!!!

Quite an expensive dessert i tell you...slurp slurp slurp away till we burp!!!

Happy Moments enjoying together...

I was the one who asked the waitress to bring in a plate of whipped cream and cherry for the b'day boy!!!

Second dessert for both Jack and me...caramel pudding tastes AWESOME!!!

Picture taken by Jack...he juz loves taking real good photos!!!

By the way, this picture too was taken by Jack - sorry for the wrong display of info at the footer of the photo as credits. Love the red lighting effect behind.


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