Friday, September 22, 2006

Hartz Chicken Buffet

(Blog Update For 11th September 2006)

This is just a continuation for the earlier update that was posted about Louis Vuitton, Starhill Gallery and that infamous automatic street toilet. Well what's a day when you don't have food in your stomach.

Well here's something different - i've had Hartz Chicken Buffet before many times...but for Jack it was his first time! Jack enjoys it very much but a few of my other friends didn't like it as much. Anyways fasting month is coming up..don't eat too much!

Welcome to Hartz Chicken Buffet @ Berjaya Times Square.

Prices are made affordable for all...unlike those expensive hotel buffet line.

Once again..the BillKeeper pose by Jack :P Not a looong receipt at all!!

They have a wide variety and selection of food here at Hartz. Ranging from pasta, chicken, fried, grilled, and many more...

Their chicken wings are nice too!!! But can be a little bit salty...

We came here on a monday and i guess its the first day of the week where they change their oil on that day :P No wonder the chicken is so WHITE :P

Kitchen counter where you can grab your food!!!

The salad counter also filled with fruits and many more...

Ice cream...desserts - a meal is never complete without this!

I love watermelon but haven't had enough or much of it these few days.

That's all for today and good bye from us here at Times Square...mwahahha :P


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