Sunday, September 17, 2006

Congrats 2 Deena...

(Blog Update For 3rd September 2006)

My dear friend Deena whom i've known since i was 12 or was it 13...back in London and we met again back here in Malaysia while studying at APIIT is getting engaged...or should i say when this blog update is up she is already engaged and her wedding will be coming up next yr in February.

Congrats to Deena and here's her pre-engagement party with 4 of her other close friends!!!

The party juz begun...and i was the last one to arrive :P

Fariz & Alyaa the chefs for the night (but actually Maman did all the marinating :P)

Group photo of us from Ziyad's balcony...

Ziyad and his friends...

Me & Fariz at Ziyad's house for BBQ..yummy!!!

Another group shot again with the SHISHA set this time around :P

Our very own Chocolate Fountain here at Ziyad's...OMG i feel so FAT after eating this...!!!

The great 5 of APIIT Class DF0111 - We will always be united - be one - be together. Actually there's 2 more of us who'se not in this picture, that's Agung.. he's back in Indonesia and Arai in the US.


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