Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Supper at Oldtown Kopitiam

(Blog Update For September 2006)

Somewhere around september, i've forgotten the actual date but yes we all went to Oldtown Kopitiam for supper!!! I guess during the times i've been to Oldtown Kopitiam here in USJ Taipan - i've perhaps tried almost all their dishes available!!!

I find something new everytime i want to order...mwhahah!!! Oh well I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mun Mun, Jack, John, Penny, Vee Lyn, Dinesh, Asyraf Lee, Jasiminne, Kelvin, Steven, William, Mikel & Kel Li for coming over for supper here at Oldtown Kopitiam.

If you have the chance to drop by here once in a try the following: Xi Mut Milk Tea, Ice Cream Toast, Double Kaya Butter Toast, French Toast, French Egg Toast...and so much more!!!

Mun Mun juz loves FRENCH TOAST!!! Yum Yum!!!

I love her expression...cooling ice cream!!!

What is this??? - ShazDaLadiesMan in action...with Mun Mun, Vee Lyn and Penny.

Jack and his super posing pose :P

Steven's first bite into this ice-cream toast was a blast! He loved it to bits...

Yes..we're about to leave..but't leave without a photo :P

Jack and my cousin John together here at Asia Cafe.

Oopssieee!!!! Who took Mun Mun's Ice Cream Toast???

Mikel drove all the way from Ampang...whoa!!!

My favourite Xi-Mut Milk Tea served here with gula melaka and carnation milk!!!

Jack & John playing pool at Asia Cafe. Jack...needs more improvement here!!!

The sifu in pool :P - But hey John's far much better in foosball!!!

My dinner...had a chicken Hor Fun. It was quite ok i'd say.

Kelvin came a lil' bit later...but he was there :P

A series of funny faces that we took in Oldtown Kopitiam...

Dry Curry Noodle Chicken...really nice and good to eat!!!

Hehehe...after much excitement thru the funny faces photos we let's take a proper one :P Mwahhaa...


At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Dakota~ said...

heyyyyyyyyy shaz! just wanted to let u know i linke du to my site .. i love the blog by the way~


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