Saturday, September 02, 2006

Penguins Celebrates 20th B'day (Chapter 2)

(Blog Update For 20th August 2006)

Chapter 2 of the birthday update...which will also be the last one!!! Once again Happy Birthday to dearest Jasiminne the Penguin. Although we've only known each other for a very short time but it feels like forever...

So, back to the story...i forgot where we stopped anyways...but one thing for sure Jack's photography skills has much improved! The best photo taken by Jack in this update is the teddy bear. Its so so nicely taken!!!

Now i was about not wanting to take photos! I've always been behind the camera all these while, so now i'm handing the camera over to my young apprentice!!! My young padawan Jack!!! He's handling it well and his pics are awesome!!! Check it out...

Nicely taken by Jack... great steady hands you have!!!

The best shot ever by Jack! I the low angle shot of this teddy bear! Kudos to you bro!!!

Bryan finally got raped...he was showing off his boxers earlier and the girls just couldn't take it no more...they WANT MORE OF HIM!!!

But Bryan turned gay and made us pose as such...poor slinky...

Group shot!!! This is what happens when you give the camera to an amateur photographer! But anyhow, good attempt uncle!!!

Just before we left Jas's house...a group shot is undeniably a MUST!!!

My first time tasting a Baskin Robbin's ice-cream cake!!! yummyy...!!!

A group shot of four of us by the living room...Albert is featured in this photo!!!

Last but not least...decided to put these as the last pics for this update...enjoy the gayness in Albert, Ivan, Slinky & Kel Li...

Becareful where you put your stash of empty bottles there Albert...

Jack tries his best to take portrait shots too but their actions (albert and ivan) perhaps may have disgusted him a bit...mwahhah!!!

Ivan, you do know that you're putting the "REAL THING" on slinky's err err!! never mind...

Love this pic! Jack where did you learn to take this pic arr???

Last but not least...we have guys with raging hormones amongst us!!!


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