Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fitness First Plus

(Blog Update For 20th December 2006)

Fitness First Plus does NOT exist here in Malaysia. However, what are the major differences between Fitness First Plus and the normal Fitness First 'executive' club.

Well, first and foremost Fitness First Plus which is widely available in many other countries (not Malaysia unfortunately)...well they provide towel service free of charge wherelse here in Malaysia you have to pay RM20 for an upgrade to Gold Membership which allows you for the towel service. Not forgetting Fitness First Plus provides you with your workout attire, that's sports shorts and sports shirt / tshirt. The only thing that you have to bring is your sports shoes. They even provide you with branded deodorant, branded hair gel / mousse, cottonbuds, cotton and all the other usual stuffs that you get here at Fitness First.

Fitness First Plus also features an edgeless swimming pool where you may swim in (quite big in size) and they also provide some sort of a machine that drains the water from your swim attire after swimming.

The cubicles in which you take your shower here are more classier than the usual. Drinks and all are the same. I have more photos taken in the inside of Fitness First Plus and the executive club Fitness First Paragon - which i'll feature these by Monday (as the photos are not here with me).

Fitness First Plus in Singapore - there's only 3 branches and they are at One George Street, Capital Tower and OUB Centre. There are only 2 Fitness First 'executive' club which are located at The Cathay and Paragon. The latest addition to the "Fitness First" club in singapore which will be opened by 31st January 2007 will be at Raffles Quay which will be branded as a "Fitness First (Platinum) Club". This platinum club features many great new attractive features, but one of them is "Cinefit Cardio Entertainment Zone" - it's like working out at the movies...whereby members can workout on a range of cardio machines in a dark room while watching movies on a large screen! - So is this a cinema hall or a fitness centre?

Now...the question is in Malaysia we have the normal Fitness First clubs...when are we going to move on to the next level with Fitness First Plus and Platinum?

This is the "One George Street" building which is located on George Street itself.

Singapore's Central Business District.

Ever got lost here...have a look at the Map Plan of the building.

Here's a view of the city from Level 5 of One George Street.

Better pictures with great sceneries and views of the city from my camera phone will be updated soon.

A random piece of art which can signify quite a lot of things.
Guess what...i finally found the Satchi & Satchi office here in Singapore.


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