Saturday, December 30, 2006

Beauty in Me!!! - Maybelline

(Blog Update For 14th December 2006)

Was invited to a Maybelline (L'Oreal) event last 14th December - of which my colleague William and I arrived fairly late...we reached there like 2 hours after the official invited time which was at 3pm we were there at 5pm :P

This was due to the unexpected heavy rain that poured down just as i parked my car in KLCC. Anyways - the Maybelline event was a success - a young college student got herself an all expense paid trip to go all the way to New York City under the care of Maybelline and their international make-up artist team. She will be learning the best way in make-up. Not too sure what that is...mwahhah!!!

Enjoy the photos below...
This is one of the designs that was designed by one of the contestants.

Catwalk / Fashion show at the event.

Catwalk by one of the student's models.

The grand prize winner for this competition - she walks away with an "ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP" to New York!!!

The contestant and her award winning model!!!

The 2nd runner up...who happens to be our very own friend's girlfriend.

All the contestants and their models on stage...

The beauty lies in the hands of the...??

The Grand Prize Winner takes it away...with her beloved creation!!!

They not only win prizes, but they also keep the make-up bag "case" by Maybelline. Whoaaa in this case many GIRLS would die FOR!!!

Finger food served at the end of the event...its awesome!!! Never knew that BEACH CLUB's food was this great!!!

I've never tasted better Teriyaki Chicken before...


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