Sunday, December 10, 2006

7atenin9 food is great!!!

(Blog Update For 16th November 2006)

Now, what's an event without food? Before we can even get to the food...of course there will be a whole lot of people interviewing the ambassador / spokesperson and muhc more.

In this case, our colleagues from 8TV interviewed Soong Ai Ling, wow what a beauty she is! Not forgetting our friends from Rantau PR. We had a great time with them...

The food was served to us at the table, so we only had the chance to only get 1 serving per item so yea...can't be so greedy this time around :P The food was great, i believe the Lunch Unlimited forFriday's at 7atenin9 is far much better.

Soong Ai Ling being interviewed by the crew from 8TV.

Jack Square together with Ai Ling.

Me together with Julia of RantauPR.

Look at the freshness of the salmon...

Cod Fish with special sauces, main dish... This fish is so fresh and tastes so good. I've never liked fish this much before.

Dessert served at the end of the course meal.

Salmon as the are we suppose to eat it with the bread or without it?


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