Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Marche Movenpick: Desserts [Chapter 3]

(Blog Update For 24th November)

Last post for this update on Marche before we go on to MNG Fashion Shows, FCUK rebranding party, Bernard Chandran latest boutique & exclusive fashion show...

Will talk more about Marche and the many different varieties of food that they have - but for now - let us divulge into the world of food & european gastronomie.
Group photo of all of us here at Marche - this is a different pose than the previous one that was featured on my blog.

Their cakes & desserts are made fresh daily - any leftovers will be thrown away! So don't fret!!! Everything is FRESH!!!

The fruits here are fresh and no preserved food are used. Fresh eggs & milk too.

Albert who is part of our Web-Development Team. He's the most senior in Xfresh currently.

Jack once again, the bill keeper pose!!! Let's all faint when the bill comes :P

Fresh fruits, fresh cream, fresh milk - everything is FRESH! What can you ask for more? Savour the fresh taste of great european food @ Marche.

Fresh Carrots - if i'm not mistaken carrot will give u all u need to keep your eye sight good?

There are 16 flavors for the Movenpick ice-cream but only 12 can be featured at any one time.

These are really nice...its made out of FRESH CREAM - which gives it the authentic taste of Swiss Ice-Cream.

Bundaberg Root Beer - great taste and still preserves the original taste of root beer from the olden days.

Wine Barrel for display only - of course :P

Pannacota - made of fresh milk with whole strawberry on top and blueberry sauce.

I had this coconut drink - it's been a while since i last had one. So ya...really felt like having this today.

All-in-all you can visit Marche with your bunch of friends and enjoy a great meal at an affordable price. The trick is, you go with a bunch of friends - and share your food with one another, end result is that it doesn't seem to feel so expensive after-all!!!


At 5:14 PM, Anonymous teddY said...

Wah Marche! I love the food over there =) Singapore got Marche too... and the last time I've been there is in Feb when we treated our school seniors for a dinner there. Yum yum.


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