Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fitness First with Bloggers and Moonshine

(Blog Update For August 10, 2006)

Another great evening passes by, and here i was at Uptown for dinner. On this day...well it was a THURSDAY - Calvin, Bryan, Kel Li and Penny joined me at Fitness First Menara Manulife GYM where we all exercised together...we joined Bodystep class and BodyJam...yes i gave them my guest passes whereby Penny used her passport FF membership card.

It was great having a few friends to join you for gym once in a while...Although there were only 5 of us here today but it was so great!!! We all had fun at the gym exercising...and ended it with a good meal here at uptown.

Later on, we moved on to Laundry bar @ The Curve to enjoy some good music by Shelley Leong and some other artistes.

Kerang Rebus...first time tried it at Asia Cafe with Paul Levine and now im addicted to it. But hey, i can't seem to finish the whole plate on my own. Wahahhaa...

Someone found something in the Mee...what is it... i dunno :P Mwahha... Calvin took a picture of it, so shall we wait for his blog update then :P

Wassupp DOC!!! Bunny Wabbit Calvin...has chopsticks up his mouth :P

Joan the food lover together with Ivan here tonight at Uptown. Oops but she doesn't eat Kerang :( So sad...i love kerang!!!

Love the effect on this picture. The lighting at Laundry on this night was really pictures may not turn out as well as they're suppose to be.

Did anyone switched off the air-conditioning system in here???

Took this picture when some other guy was flashing his big-ass SB-800 at the vocalist. Captured part of his flash...whoa!!!

You know, sometimes the drummer too need some exposure, so you'll have to give them some publicity oso la...

The main vocalist of this band, i totally forgotten who it was tho...But i do have to say that they were quite awesome.
I love this picture, it is great...just awesome and the way i like it. Actually Edwin here used to be my colleague at 8TV. And he still is working there as the producer for the 8TV Quickie.

Me with none-other than Penny :-) Wassaapp gal...i missed you today at GYM!!!
Joyce, the all-time famous kinkybluefairy...OMG I juz made her sound like she's KFC's latest product! Must be coz its 5am and I'm REALLY HUNGRY!!!

Talking about HUNGER...who can make you hungry none-other than Joan, the food lover.

Nicholas is in HELP University College, he used to be a cheerleader - and the captain for a cheerleader team from CHS.

Shelley Leong still remembers my name...OMG!!! After so many years...

A group picture with Shelley Leong, before her performance here at Laundry.

ShazDaLadiesMan is back in action again...mwahahah!!!

Having a awesome!!! But flashing at slinky where he goes binky minky is not :P

Albert keepin' it real with the musicians...

Kevin of Broken Scar dropped by for a short while to take a picture with us...

Now...lookie what we have here??? come no body introduced me to her!!! Oh wait.. i think i already know her.. she knows me!! But how come??? I dunno her...

Xandria, met her at Williams...together with Daniel one of the hosts on Astro. Well she's stunning and great as usual :-) Very friendly always.

As usual, i'd have something to eat...just before going home..i know this is bad but hey this is MALAYSIA. We live to eat and not eat to live.


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