Monday, August 21, 2006

Click - Movie Premiere @ Megamall GSC

(Blog Update For 7th August 2006)

It was a very last minute thing, Rames invited me over for the Premiere Screening of "CLICK". I was so happy as i've been wanting to watch this movie ever since i heard about it. Had the chance to watch it back in July when they had a special screening for promoters at Cineleisure but wasn't able to go as i was busy on the day. Oh well...This is one movie that's WORTH the WHILE to watch AGAIN!!!

Below are some pics that will just make you wanna eat at Dominos Pizza and not forgetting going out for movies too. Bring your friends, bring your family members, siblings out for a movie...once in a while! Helps to maintain a great Family Relationship with one-another.

Domino's Pizza is famous for alot of things...and this is just one of the many pizza's available. Seafood BBQ Pizza...yummy!!! We ordered a set for 2 person as i've already had my dinner b4 coming over. So for being late...i spent Ivan and Rames both dinner.

Look at their happy faces, as long as the dinner is FREE!!! Everyone's happy...hahaha!!!

A group picture after the movie, can't leave without one right...!!! :-)

A trademarked pose that every1's about to do it for their blog...OMG!!! Bryan's gonna be too famous now :P


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