Friday, August 18, 2006

Enjoying LIFE to the fullest...

(Blog Update For July August 3rd - 5th 2006)

Being the person I am, I like to enjoy life with my family, friends and living a healthy life. Thus not doing anything illegal or bad for health. Although nowadays i find that i've been coming back home kinda late...i hope this is just for these few weeks as i've been celebrating my bday's with lotsa friends.

Before i put up more of my updates and explain what happened on these 3 days...i just want to thank my friends for celebrating my birthdays with me. Those who've been throwing me surprise birthday celebrations with different group of friends at different events and all. Really appreciate it.

The latest b'day celebration was last night the 17th of August 2006 at LAUNDRY Bar @ the CURVE. Kelz, Ivan, Joan, Calvin, Paul and Cheryl. The whole bunch gave me a present and surprised me for this bday celebration...and together with them and the rest...everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me RIGHT in front of LAUNDRY Bar @ the CURVE. Wow...what a day!!!

Anyways, do enjoy the pictures below, these were taken on 3 different next update would be a TRIO on the Jazz Fest.


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