Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tugu Negara [Chapter 1]

(Blog Update For Somewhere in end of September)

*PS: Re-publishing this again cause something's wrong with the archive!!! And cause Yuinny wants to view these photos!! wheee :P

**nd she owes me an ice-cream :P

It was during lunch time that i took this opportunity to go out of the office during the official lunch hours to snap some great pics with Xian Jin and Jack since the skies were so blue and clear.

Xian Jin sms'd me in the morning so i told him that i'd be free over lunch time - so Xian Jin and Jack had lunch together at their college then i came by to pick them up and so we went off for a quick photo snapping opportunity at Tugu Negara Malaysia and Lake Garden - Kuala Lumpur.

I believe this was the fastest and the most rushed photo shoot that i've ever attended to. Came back to the office just in time for work but then i had stomach ache...OMG!!! how unlucky i am...but hey i survived it and came up to the office coz my boss wanted to talk to me about a meeting on the next day then i went back to the meeting room.

More bla bla'ing in my next update which will feature the part where we went to Lake Garden.

Do you know what's some of our national monuments actually looks like? Well if you're a foreigner visiting Malaysia - the "Tugu Negara" is a must visit as you may see it on most of our coins here in Malaysia.

The sky was so blue, the sun was so great...its now time to go deep in our thoughts in BLUE.

Bright clear skies hovering around our city...

Xian Jin about to make an executive decision - to jump or not to jump into the water?

Jack on the other hand, gives everyone a "Y" - what for???

Picture taken by Jack - focusing on the monument at the far end.

Stargazing can be something that you may like to do here when the skies are so clear - perhaps at night would be preferably better.

The squareboys are here and they're jumping around almost everywhere!!!

I know i've posted this photo before, but i've edited the colors a bit, curves, and all that photoshop thing... which do you prefer?

Tugu Negara - they lived their lives to fight for our nation till death...a commemorative symbol and landmark of our nation.

Once again - they're here juming up sky high!!! Jack & Xian Jin lurvess jumpin' :P

Xian Jin says: Well folks, come on over to Tugu Negara if you haven't been here before - great place to take some great shots when the skies are as clear as today's!!!


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