Friday, June 16, 2006

Miracles 2006 @ Fitness First The Curve

(Blog Update For 3rd May 2006)

Its a charity event by Fitness First held here at their outlet in The Curve.
The proceeds will then be channeled to MAKNA which is the Cancer society here in Malaysia if i'm not mistaken.

Anyways, the event went smoothly as Will and Naveena took part in the RPM challenge on this day. I was the photographer...mwahaha :P Oh well it was all cool!!!

We had lunch at O'briens - it was an EXPERIENCE. Seriously...i'd write more about the Miracles event here but im way too tired and its almost 2am, got work tomorrow...

After we're done with the event here at FF Curve, Will and I went back to Will's house to get his change of clothes as we then had to head off to Starhill Gallery for the launch of the French Art Festival for the exhibition entitled "Depart" by the students of ENSBA in Paris.

The food here was awesome, but somehow i lost these pictures upon data transfer, so too bad then...hope you guys love the pictures.


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