Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Moment You've Been Waiting For...

(Blog Update For November and Re-Cap of Some Cool Days!!!)

A special message to all my friends, blog readers and all...i would really like to apologise for the delay in uploading all these photos! Actually, so sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I know there's many of you who've been coming back for more pics of great events and things which has been happening here in Malaysia... well guess what..? It's all coming back as of TODAY!!! My utmost apology for the delay...!!!

Below is a short re-cap of some of the cool things that happened within the past 2 months, latest blog UPDATE about the "YES" - Year End Sale is just below the photos below!!! So check out the fun and happenings at Pavilion during the YES event!!! :-)

Now now... i have to put this picture up again!!! Hannah Tan!!! :-) OMG...

Hannah T came over to the studio the other day and I managed to snap a few photos with her!!!

Karen Kong's press conference... she recently launched her second album and it was awesome!!! Her stunning performance, her voice and she's SWEET!!!

Back on the 1st week of november, managed to organise a small bday lunch for 5 november birthday babies... gathered about 30 pax here at Izzi KL.

8TV Quickie Hosts at the Baskin Robbins Cafe launch at the Gardens MidValley. They enjoyed every single bit of the ice-cream!!!

Jack is back from Australia, Hahah... Starbucks Christmas promo is up!!! Soon gonna be out!!! He should be paid for promoting starbucks la! :P Here's the Starbucks Xmas drink Toffee Nut Latte and Toffee Nut Frappucino.

Xfresh Team Buccaneers@ the paintball challenge organised by the company - my team, me being the team captain and we got 2nd place in the entire challenge! Awesome job TEAM!

And let's not forget Paintball matches at Padang Astaka where all 8 stations from AMP Radio Networks Astro took part in this event called "Police Sentry"paintball challenge.

One of my colleagues from MixFM, Jojo Struys also played paintball with us this day!

On Air at Work... this time around Adi was on the panel... me on the opposite side announcing with our artist of the night!

This is what you'll see from the back if you were to be here at the Press Conference... heaps of photographers / media members trying to take a picture of the up & growing star of Malaysia!

Once again, an interview session with my friend Matthew who's working at NTV7! We were interviewing Alex Yoong.

Alex arrived first here at the docking station... he surely knows how to canoe!

Here's the Ferrari Safety Car that was used in the A1GP 2007 event this year... Was on the GRID with special XS!!! :)

Oops!! can't leave Sepang Circuit without taking a pic with the safety car huh! Here's Joshua one of my Interns!!! Who's now goin for The Sun!!!

The KL Tower, its view from this height and angle makes us Malaysians prouder than how we used to be! Proud of being Malaysians!

Was at Luna bar for the A1GP Ignition party... They served all types of non "full" food here today! Mwahhahah...

My former colleague from 8TV Simon.. my sifu! Together with Amanda who is now on FlyFM Troopers!

YES - Year End Sale...

The pavilion, filled with loads of nice events for Christmas, now featuring a great Christmas carol here in conjunction with the Year End Sale!

Officials launching the YES event here at Pavilion, please disregard the caption! oops... it was at 3am in the morning when i added the caption!!

They had performances here as well... all sorts of dances and fashion show!

My former colleague William from Xfresh, content editor!!! Was here too :)

Joey taking a pic with a butterfly kind of girl! - Hmmm frwuitful event! hehehe...

Yes, you MUST shop now while its still on SALE!!!

It was some sort of a masquerade party with clowns and mimes and all!!!

They even had some sort of a Egyptian warrior!! LOL..

This guy was extremely funny!!! Seriously, the outfit, the mask... facial expression!!!

This clown / mime guy obviously want my goodie bag!!! NO NO NO... Mwahhaha...

Was at Pasta Mania in the afternoon just before the movie - with Joey, Kylie, Karen for lunch then movieeee!!! We watched beowulf for free :P

Kylie and Karen...both sisters!!! Kylie studying in Sunway College!! :-)

Slinky just came back from Australia...he looks skinnier than before and paler!!! Aiyoo...

Island Bistro @ Pavilion KL

(Blog Update For November 2007)

It was one of those days at the end of the month of November, was at Pavilion to have lunch, movie, and dinner with Joey, Kylie, William and Karen. But that update will be another one altogether. This particular update will be about dinner at Island Bisto!

Island Bistro part of the TANGS Group is now available in Malaysia at the Pavilion. They serve some nice quick meals i.e.: Fried Rice, Bee Hoon with Soft Shell Crab, Curry Laksa if i'm not mistaken and a few others. The choices are limited as they cook it down at the central kitchen below but one thing which is nice is the ambience! Not too noisy, not too bright... just right for a dinner with friends if you're planning to catch up.

Island Bistro is located right at the end of the aley just right outside at the balcony of the Pavilion where you may find other fine dining restaurants! I'd give it 5/10 for food but 6/10 for ambience and 7/10 for the pricelist :P

This is the fried rice that was served to us... Love the plate but its not really hot at all. Perhaps because it wasn't cooked on the spot.

If you're planning to eat the fried rice here, go ahead with the usual menu fried rice which comes with keropok and egg and chicken i think.

Bee Hoon with Softshell crab on top! This is so yummy i tell you!!!

The soft shell crab is just something that i can actually have every other minute!!! I love crabs!

This is what they call Fu Chok if i am not mistaken!!!

Joey and his Fried Rice!!! Yep yep... we're all on a budget huh!

William with his Fried Rice too! Otak Otak looks nice!

The 3 of us enjoying a saturday night life here at the Pavilion.

A Must order.... the Bee Hoon with Soft shell crab!!! hehehe...

The fu-chok is also very nice!!! Hehehe... OMG!

Freakshow: Pop Shuvit Tour!!!

(Blog Update For November 2007)

This was like way a while back when and Xfresh FM was the official radio station for the HOTLINK Freakshow PopShuvit Tour Concert happening at 3 different locations in and around Malaysia! The Radio Announcers from both stations are required to be there at the event to hype up the crowd and so i was there too! The only thing i forgotten to do was to dress up as freaky as possible! Mwhahaha...

So yea..let's have a look at some of the pictures taken on that day... below are some pics of me and my colleagues!!! Awesomeness....

The Radio Announcers from Left: JJ, Adam C, Natalie, Rudy and Ean!

There you go... JJ and Rudy trying to make their way into the club thru the fans!!! Ooohhh!!

They're all dressed up for the occasion, and here's a photo opportunity for my fellow colleagues!

Who's badder?? Errr is there such a word? Mwhahaha... JJ & Rudy on the stage hype'ing the crowd their own WAY!

Games to make people laugh and hyped up for the band!!!

They always want more... what can JJ & Rudy give...??? to their awesome listeners!!! More prizes awaits them! A handphone as the grand prize!

The stage when empty... & Xfresh presents...

Ooops... random photo taken in the studio whilst our 1st runner up to the Malaysian Idol 1 competition Dina was inside the studio with us all!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Radio Fest 2007 @ One World Hotel

(Blog Update For 8th December 2007)

Ever wondered how those people look like, those who cheer you up way early in the morning while you drive to college / work... ever wondered how those radio announcers look like, those that drive you home in the late afternoon and those who accompany you when you are lonely at night! Well in this blog post you will have the possibility to see the pictures of some of Malaysia's famous Radio Announcers!!!

Radio Fest 2007, a 2 days conference held at One World Hotel and ended with a big bang cocktail reception and 9-course dinner at the Imperial Ballroom of the newly built One World Hotel here in Petaling Jaya.

An annual event organised by MACRO - Malaysian Association of Commercial Radio Organisation which is now known as Commercial Radio Malaysia if i am not mistaken...!!! This event is organised to show corporate clients and advertising partners on the effectiveness of radio advertising and its developments and so forth. Not forgetting to thank the advertisers on their expenditure towards radio advertising! And so forth...

The dinner was awesome... this reception was a GREAT one as it seems like it's a dinner reception for all of us to meet up with some old workmates as some who has evolved to other working places... so yea, this night i had the chance to meet up with former colleagues from my workplace who are now on other stations! It was a GREAT reunion!!! haha...

There were a lot of tables... and yes each and every one of them are fully occupied!!!

Former colleague from is Baby Ben who is now on FlyFM!!! - he was my mentor!!! sort of, the one who's shown me what it's like in the entertainment industry!

Nadia Mishmoore and Aliff, used to be at Xfresh... now with Fly FM!!!

Colleagues from all different angles and places... Samir from, Reza from eraFM, and me!!!

Radio Networks...we have friends everywhere!!! Tonight, its all about the FOOD!!!

Jay of MixFM used to be from hitz.TV!!! Awesome dress!!!

My colleagues from THR Raaga and Gegar!!! Inclusive of their morning crew!!!

Friends from FlyFM, Red and myself...!!! Whee...

Mix FM DJ Sham and myself!!! We're all very simple people!!!

My clients from SonyBMG Music!!! Known them since like 2001!!!

Jeyaram aka Junior of!!! He's one BUSY guy!!!

Adam C of and Jack Lim of MyFM!!! Radio Announcers from Malaysia's #1 Radio Stations!

One World Hotel's Xmas Tree and Decorations...

The colors of Xmas, its bright light...shining us in all we can!